Pottery/Ceramics Studio Manager and Visual/Community Arts Support

Position Title:
Pottery/Ceramics Studio Manager and Visual/Community Arts Support

Position Need:
View is a dynamic Center for Arts and Culture based in the Adirondack Region. Our mission is to enrich, educate, entertain, and inspire. We seek a spirited, energetic, open-minded and enthusiastic individual who is collaborative in nature, and dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional programs and events at View.

This position will provide leadership and management of our
pottery/ceramics studio operations and related programs/events. The
position also includes independent and collaborative work in the areas of Community Arts and Visual Arts.

A portion of the job includes operational, instructional, and
administrative support for maintaining and managing pottery/ceramics
studio equipment, materials, and supplies; and interacting with
independent potters and others who use our pottery/ceramics studio.

Overview of Pottery/Ceramics Studio:
The Pottery/Ceramics Studio provides Potters with a gorgeous view of natural Adirondack beauty. Potters have access to working in clay
bodies of cone 6 and cone 10. The studio is equipped with ten electric wheels, two slab rollers, extruder, pneumatic extruder, a spray booth, and a wide variety of glazes and tools.

Independent potters meet on Mondays for “Pottery Circle”. This is a
chance to work independently, yet have the camaraderie of other
potters to share ideas and inspiration with. Pottery Circle meets most
Mondays 10:00 am -1:00 pm.

This position also works closely with the Community Arts and Visual
Arts managers, at times taking responsibility for programs/projects in
mediums other than pottery, and otherwise collaborating in a manner
that enables View to leverage its combined programs.

This position reports to the President, and operationally to the
CFO/Director of Business Operations.

Major responsibilities:
● Works closely with the View team to collaborate and provide
pottery/ceramics studio offerings, planning and development of
programming that are consistent with our overall operational and
strategic plans.
● Develops and implements policies and procedures for our
pottery/ceramics program.
● Ensures that all policies and procedures for pottery/ceramics are
adhered to.
● Prepare annual operating budget for areas of responsibility and
take responsibility for management of the budget with oversight
from the CFO/Director of Business Operations and the President.
● Oversees pottery/ceramics studio safety and maintenance of all
studio facilities and equipment, making recommendations for
equipment needs and repairs.
● Serves as the liaison to the clay community and is responsible for
representing the organization and its pottery/ceramics programs
to various audiences including instructors, assistants, students,
and prospective donors.
● Ensures pottery/ceramics studio is organized, maintained and
clean and classes are efficient and effectively run.
● Reclaim studio clay, glazes, load and unload kilns, and manage the
firing process and all related pottery/ceramics process steps.
● Overall responsibility for directing our instruction-led programs,
including teaching, as well as recruitment and retention of
talented clay instructors, studio assistants and interns, as well as
developing course offerings, enrolling participants, and other
related aspects of ceramics as an educational offering.
● Oversees and runs paint-on-pottery, and other summer drop-in
classes as needed or assigned.
● Work with Visual Arts management to plan and facilitate
exhibitions for clay or other studio related mediums.
● Work with Marketing to propose social media and advertising content that promotes our pottery/ceramics studio.
● Act in the lead role in coordination with the Pottery Committee to plan, manage and execute the Chili Bowl (in February) and the Ice Cream Special (in summer).
● Act in the lead role in coordination with the Pottery Committee.
● Manages the independent pottery program.
● Works with schools to schedule and manage school field trips for pottery.
● Other duties as assigned to ensure that View is able to operate smoothly and efficiently.

This position works closely with the Community Arts and Visual Arts
managers to develop classes, workshops, and studio programs for
adults and youth. The incumbent will maintain an overall awareness of related program opportunities beyond pottery/ceramics, with the
intent to broaden our offerings as applicable.

Qualifications and skills:
Applicants should have a solid background and interest in
pottery/ceramics, and a wide range of visual arts and workshop/studio
interests, with demonstrated skills and experience in specific areas, as well as aptitude for other current or potential mediums that View does or might offer.

Applicants should have knowledge of pottery/ceramic materials and
processes, and a minimum of CE200 or CE 201 course completion,
and/or relevant ceramic experience from another institution.
Additionally, requirements include strong creative thinking, a
collaborative spirit, positive mindset, customer focused approach to
relationship building, problem solving skills, flexibility, strong
organizational and planning skills, is self-directed, and has good
judgment. Passion for the arts and creativity is central to the
individual’s make-up.

Condition of employment includes ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.,
and may require suitable protective masks, and may require working
outside and or at cold/hot temperatures.

View has a very unique working culture that promotes fun, trust,
accountability, and process management, as well as an overall pursuit of happiness and enrichment. Our schedule of events does require that the successful candidate will be able and willing to work an occasional evening and/or weekend hours for program management and execution.

Core Skills:
The successful candidate will exemplify the following critical character
and behavioral traits, and model them for staff and other stakeholders
to emulate:
● Honesty, integrity, and trustworthy
● Good natured, easy to work with, approachable and accessible;
treats every person with dignity, and can work with all View
stakeholders effectively
● Clear/transparent in communications
● Consistent and persistent
● Energy, enthusiasm, diligent, and passion for VIEW’s success
● Professional approach (responsible, accountable, reliable,
organized, team oriented, performance based)
● Knows where he/she needs help and is willing to ask
● Intelligent and smart; creative and practical
● Inquisitive by nature, open to other ideas than their own, more
interested in the best solution, not his/her way
● Heart is in the right place: Committed to VIEW’s success
● Ability to articulate clearly and concisely, positively, and deliver
effective messaging -- in multiple forms of communication

Compensation and position offer will be commensurate with
qualifications and experience in consideration of VIEW’s profile.
View is an EEO employer.

More About View:
Located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, on State Route 28 in Old Forge, NY, View brings a broad range of artistic and cultural
programs to the area.  Our View community consists of year-round and seasonal residents and tourists, many of whom enjoy the region’s natural beauty, taking advantage of the scenic lakes and mountains in the summer, the breathtaking beauty of the Fall foliage, and the expertly groomed snowmobile and ski trails in the winter months. 

View’s blend of local and national artisans help create our unique,
cultural community, where we host a varying array of artistic
expression. Art shows and Exhibitions, including nationally-recognized watercolor and quilt shows, visual and performing arts, workshops, classes, presentations, and social events are just some of what we offer.

Through these various programs, View seeks to:
● Promote and stimulate interest in the Arts and Culture,
● Offer enriching opportunities to learn and create,
● Provide entertainment and enjoyment,
● Encourage community involvement and participation, and
● Nurture an appreciation for the natural beauty and ecology of the

To apply:
Send a cover letter, resume, and three references to info@viewarts.org