2/14/21: Construction completed on Wetland Walkway!

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(From the Daily Construction Report by Brian Bamberger) 
- A 4 man crew was onsite today.
- They worked on:
       • Removing snow from around, and on, the lumber to facilitate access to the lumber
       • Transfer lumber to walkway path to prepare for installation
       • Install posts, guard rail and bump rail
       • Re-stack all material to be returned to Jay-K Lumber
       • Clean up and remove all scrap
       • Broom clean the walkway
       • De-mobilize

ww 2 14 1
Installing posts for rails 

ww 2 14 2
Installing guard rail 

ww 2 14 3
Installing bump rail

ww 2 14 4
Installing rail on the ramp section 

ww 2 14 6
Bump rail section - Done

ww 2 14 5
Guard rail section - Done 

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  • Ron DeBree 19/02/2021 5:09pm (14 days ago)

    Beautiful...Reminds me of the TOBIE bridge from Thendara to Old Forge...the treatment of the railings adds lots of character...Oh, you mean that museum next to the Henry Kashiwa Wetland Walkway ?

  • Jennifer Potter Hayes 19/02/2021 4:32pm (14 days ago)

    Many, many thanks to all who worked over the years and in recent months to complete this project. It was part of the original vision for the arts center and it is wonderful to see it finished. I can't wait to walk it!

  • Tom Vawter 19/02/2021 3:59pm (14 days ago)

    Douglas Green, I don't know how else to get this information to you except in these comments. The walkway is directly behind View, the arts center in Old Forge. Many of us are deeply gratified to see this long-awaited project completed.

  • Michele deCamp 19/02/2021 2:46pm (14 days ago)

    How great that the Henry Kashiwa walkway has been completed‼️ Thank you to the dreamers, donors, and workers❤️

  • Douglas Green 19/02/2021 2:07pm (14 days ago)

    I have been vacationing in Inlet every year since 1993. Now I rent a place on 6th Lake with my daughter and some of her friends. This walkway looks amazing. Where is it? Thanks.

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