Mountain Air Painters

MOUNTAIN AIR PAINTERS: We are an eclectic group that meets each week (May-October) to paint together - en plein air - outdoors!  We come from all around the area- Big Moose, Utica, Cazenovia, Waterville- and meet at a variety of amazing locations. Some gathering spots are well known - main street Old Forge, the Green Bridge, MacCauley Mtn, and many are very remote - Cary Pond, private camps on serene lakes - soup to nuts!  

We sketch and paint in acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastel, watercolor….and a few of us are photographers!  We gather at 9:00 or so and paint together for a few hours, ending with a group discussion. We share ideas, ask for input, talk about painting supplies and plan future get-togethers. 

Many of us have painted for years, some have started recently - all skill and experience levels are most welcome. You are welcome to join us and check us out…….bring a sketch book and pencil and get to know us!

If you ask to be added to the e-mail list you will receive the weekly notices. Come join us and ignite the creative spark within you!

For more information contact Donna Stoner, (315 345 7603)