Independent potters are a valuable asset to View. Potters volunteer in our annual pottery events by making bowls and other vessels to be sold. These events include Chili Bowl in February and Ice Cream Social in August. There are also opportunities for potters to sell their work in the gift shop and at events through consignment. 

This program is for experienced potters. It is advisable to first take a class at View to learn the flow of the studio. Individuals looking to join the program must first meet with the studio management team. They will then complete the required orientation, these will be scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year. During this time you will be trained on each piece of equipment in the studio. At the end of orientation you will be assessed on your ability to use all studio equipment safely. Qualified individuals will demonstrate sufficient skill in their mode of making as well as stewardship in the maintenance of equity and cleanliness in our community studio. We welcome all interested folks to reach out to schedule a time to meet the studio management team to learn more about the independent potter program.  

An integral part of the independent potter program is Potter Circle. Every Monday from 10am-1pm independent potters gather and discuss ideas and techniques. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with the people who know our studio best. Mondays are typically kept clear of classes so that independent potters have time to work. 

View’s pottery studio is well equipped with:

  • 10 Brent electric wheels
  • standing height electric wheel
  • electric kilns
  • gas kiln
  • raku kiln
  • wall extruder 
  • pneumatic extruder
  • 2 slab rollers
  • spray booth
  • spacious work tables and storage shelves
  • tools for throwing, trimming, sculpting, etc.
  • variety of plaster molds
  • an abundance of glazes
  • studio reclaim

We currently use BMix 5, a white/buff cone 5/6 clay. All work will be fired by the studio management team.

Studio Manager

Assistant Studio Manager

Alaina Hall



Kristen Martin







Independent Potter: $60.00 per month, must be registered and payed by the last business day of the previous month.

Register for Monthly Rental at View's Reception Desk 

Potter Circle: Free to Independent Potters, Mondays 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, no registration required

Contact Alaina at 315-369-6411 x 210 or ahall@viewarts.org for more information.