Recycling Nature: Revitalizing The Handmade Tradition

Saturday, February 08, 2020 - Saturday, May 02, 2020 / All Day

I am a printmaker and papermaker. 

I was first drawn to printmaking because I am inspired by nature’s infinite complexity  and intaglio etchings on copper allow me to make the fine lines I need to illustrate its  forms. My goal is to capture as much information from the surface as possible. Even  though I know I can never achieve the level of detail that exists in an organic surface, I seek to render as much as possible.

In my works, the line work radiates out from a central point. While beginning with a specific image of a vine, unfurling fern, fungi, etc., the work is overtaken by the idea of potentially limitless growth. I remain in continuous awe of the depth and force of the natural world. I seek to convey and emulate this in my work. Ultimately, my hope is to bring attention to the intricacy, beauty, and ultimately the fragility of our environment. 



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