Fiber Works

September 28 - November 2, 2019

A group of committed fiber artists who work individually but find support and inspiration within the group. They are a collection of unique individuals, each having her own perspective but is connected to the other and to the tradition of quilt-making from which they came. 

They share the common interest of expanding the boundaries of their creativity. Appreciation of the creative process is reinforced by exchanging ideas, influences and experiences.

The pieces on display cover a wide range of techniques, from close relationships to traditional quilt.

 Fiber Works Exhibitors:

Nike Cutsumpas Danbury, CT
Susan Jackson West Redding, CT
Beth Johnson Oxford, CT
Susi Lehman Danbury, CT
Norma Schlager Danbury, CT
Paula West Bridgewater, CT
Christine Wilkinson Haddonfield, NJ

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