The Earth Beneath My Feet

July 31 - September 12, 2021

Next Session: Saturday, July 31, 2021 - Sunday, September 12, 2021 / All Day

Solo exhibition by watercolor artist, Celia Clark.

These paintings of the natural world are a reflection of my longstanding interest in the beauty of insignificant things. All of my life I have wandered through fields and woodland and been astonished by what I see beneath my feet. I hope these paintings serve as a record of things we should value and preserve, as humankind continues to encroach on wild places.

Celia Clark, Delhi, NY, received her B.F.A. AND M.F.A. in design from Syracuse university. Although her training exposed her to many media, she worked primarily in architectural ceramics. In 1987, Celia was reintroduced to watercolor by Susan Spencer, a gifted young painter, who passed away tragically only a few years later. Landscapes and florals gave way to portraits, often with historical references. Awards from the NWS, AWS and other national shows followed, and four of her paintings were featured" Best of Watercolor" series by Rockport Publishers. She is currently lives and works in the Catskill Mountains of update New York. Celia says " I approach this recognition with humanity; there are so many painters doing astonishingly good work that it is indeed a privilege to be acknowledged for doing something that I love to do; paint." 




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