Adirondack Non-Profit Network (ANN) Annual Meeting

ANN 716W
The Adirondack Park, known for its beautiful landscape, adventurous backdrop, and connection with nature, becomes a small background to who the people that are living and working in the area are. Even though this background becomes a representation of the people within the area, it is only a brief glimpse of what this area offers to its community and to all members of the park.

The photo above was taken when View staff members participated in this year’s Adirondack Non-Profit Network Annual Meeting. The Adirondack Non-Profit Network, or ANN, represents the diverse interests of people within the Adirondack Park and specifically the people of the non-profit sector of the Adirondack Park. Even though the non-profits within the area are broad and have many different missions, we have come together to integrate, communicate, and understand the public interest. At View, we feel that what the Adirondack Park is, what it represents, and where its real identity lies is with its community. We are a community here, whether in Old Forge or Lake Placid. We are tied together and we work together. And, here at View, that means we become part of a larger mission.

ANN members represent healthcare, arts, mental health, public media, environment, education, economic development, civic, and cultural organizations. By working together, we are committed to enhancing the quality and impact of our work, and the work of all non-profit groups, to sustain and improve life in the Adirondacks.

View is a proud member of ANN and we wish to grow within all aspects of community. We all share the same mission: community.
We are so glad that you are a part of, and are supporting, our community! Thank you!
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