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September 17, 2021
As the Delta variant surges, we will continue to follow CDC and state guidelines as they evolve.

At this time, we recommend masks for all people while indoors.
Face masks are required if unvaccinated.
Thank you and stay safe.


February 22, 2021

Our commitment to keep View open in a safe and healthy manner remains our highest priority. We have developed health and safety guidelines for every aspect of our business, meeting all local, state, and federal protocols. There will be visual guidelines, temperature checks and sanitary stations at the entryway. Masks must be worn in the building and social distancing should be maintained as much as possible.  Hand Sanitizing stations remain throughout our building.  No more than 20 people will be permitted into our Exhibition Galleries at any given time.  Workshops and studios may also have additional guidelines in place for their specific area. 

View employees will lead by example in our own health practices, so those who come to enjoy the many arts related programs at our facility know that we understand the importance of operating safely. 



May 15, 2020 - COVID-19 Update

Dear members and friends,

For various reasons, many art centers and museums have closed their doors for the year due to COVID-19. Some have opted to close entirely, while others have changed their offerings to online-only programs.

View has taken a different approach than most by shifting our focus in the past few months to online programs, while at the same time remaining optimistic and planning to open.  

Based on the current forecasted roll-out of Governor Cuomo’s reopening plan, our target dates to open our facility to members and the general public are June 22nd or June 29th. These dates can obviously change due to public policy, but we will provide a final update regarding our reopening in mid-June.

Our commitment to open View in a safe and healthy manner remains our highest priority. We are actively developing health and safety guidelines for every aspect of our business and these will be communicated on our website, and through our Points of View email communication at a later date. Additionally, there will be visual guidelines and sanitary stations at the entryway and throughout our building. View employees will lead by example in our own health practices, so those who come to enjoy the many arts related programs at our facility know that we understand the importance of operating safely. 

We have also modified our previously planned summer schedule to one that will be practical, but still comprehensive. Our changes include the following: planning events to include formalized social distancing, pushing certain events back in the summer or fall, eliminating events that will bring people into close contact with one another, and scheduling smaller-scale programs where natural spacing can be better achieved. We have also acquired a large tent that we will utilize in our inner courtyard, thus enabling us to bring workshops outside, as well as smaller venue performances, and other appropriate uses. 

Going forward, we will continue to utilize our online capabilities to bring our arts center to you! As an example, our Central Adirondacks Art Show (CADK) attracted almost 10,000-page views on the day of our virtual opening that took place on April 24th. Many of you have commented on your appreciation of the workshops, performances, and wide variety of activities available on our website.

During June, we will be launching A Select Rustic Show, featuring an exhibit of nine prominent rustic artists and their works that include unique rustic craftsmanship, paintings, and furniture. Each week we will be featuring one of these artists in our Points of View communication. This exhibit will be available to see both online and in person in our eco-gallery when we open to the public.

Our Summer Idylls exhibit, featuring Lewis Bryden’s Boardwalk Idyll collection of paintings, is also in the works. It will be one of the highlights of the summer in our Community, Foley, and Vandervort galleries. Stay tuned for more information on the opening date.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to send a special “thank you” to all who have supported View through this difficult and challenging time. Through your donations, participation in our online activities, renewal of memberships and sponsorships, volunteering, encouraging words and expressions of confidence, the View team of employees is well motivated and working diligently on your behalf. From our team and View’s dedicated board of directors, we truly appreciate all the efforts that are being made for the benefit of View as a thriving Center for Arts and Culture in our Old Forge community. 

With my best regards,

Mark Salsbury
View PresidentView in Red Box


4/10/20 - COVID-19 Update

 As you know, we announced in mid-March that View would be closed until April 17th. 

Effective today, and consistent with Governor Cuomo’s earlier mandate that all non-essential businesses be closed, and in consideration of the messaging and guidelines put forth by government medical experts, we are extending our closure to Wednesday, May 20th. We will communicate to you at the appropriate time if it appears that we will need to further extend our closure past this date. 

The incremental approach that we are taking enables us to monitor the COVID-19 situation and make necessary changes and adjustments to our planning, while at the same time remaining cautiously optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to open our doors as the weather gets warmer. 

The world and our lives have changed in a way that we may never completely go back to, but our path forward will give us an opportunity to learn and potentially make our lives better. This is the approach and attitude that we are taking at View. 

While our physical facility is currently closed, View employees have been actively working on a remote basis to create and develop online programs and opportunities for our members to take advantage of, especially at a time when many of us are in a stay-at-home mode. 

You can be assured that we will do everything we can to maintain a strong and ongoing connection with our community and we encourage you to do the same with us by reading the Eblasts that are sent out weekly, participating in workshops, and taking virtual tours through our galleries. 

View in Red Box

Due to continuing developments regarding COVID-19, View will be closing until April 17.  We will assess our situation going forward as we get closer to that date.

In the coming days, we will be contacting members of our View community (artists, potters, yoga) to let them know how we will be moving forward with our scheduled exhibitions and classes.

We will continue to monitor our voicemail and email, so feel free to contact us at 315-369-6411 ext. 201 or with any questions and we will respond as soon as we can. 

We are hopeful that a positive course of action regarding COVID-19 will occur in the coming weeks so we can responsibly reopen and ensure the health and safety of everyone in our View community.      

View in Red Box

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