"Hundreds Attend Art Center's Chili Luncheon," Time Warner Cable News by Melissa Krull

2016 02 20 14.01.31

Time Warner Cable News by Melissa Krull

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hundreds Attend Art Center's Chili Luncheon (click here to view video and article on TWCNews website).

Article below:

"OLD FORGE, N.Y. -- With around 400 locally made bowls being purchased by hundreds of people, View's annual chili luncheon was underway.

I think the most unique thing about this is that we make these bowls. So it features our potters and gives them a chance to, people get the opportunity to see their styles," said Executive Director of "View", Jennifer Potter Hayes.

"I think people have a natural love for pottery. When they come here they get to see not only the chili bowls, but also other pieces that artists have made," said Potter, Bette Rintrona.

"View" in Old Forge offers workshops year-round for those interested in tapping into their creativity. The luncheon helps with funding.

"We usually raise about $8,000. That's our goal this year again," said Potter Hayes.

Community members say given the milder season it's been, they're especially grateful for the luncheon and how it's bringing more visitors to the area.

"It's been a very difficult winter for us here because the snow has been intermittent. Some of our biggest holiday weekends we have not had snow for our snowmobilers and skiers. So, people are dying to get to Old Forge. They want something to be happening," said Potter Hayes.

"It's huge. It's one of the main reasons I chose to live in Old Forge because of all the community events and sense of community here," said Old Forge resident, Hannah Payne.

It's estimated that more people came to the luncheon this year than ever before.

"It used to be held during the week sort of as an activity to get people out of their homes in the dead of winter. They moved it to a Saturday which has allowed a lot of visitors to come," said Inlet resident, Mary Jane Lasher.

For more information about the "View" and the workshops offered, visit their website. -Melissa Krull

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