Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 109


Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 109

Other parts of the country are having some freak weather with record breaking temperatures in the northwest, super rainstorms in the Midwest, including seven inches in Detroit, which closed major roads and flood several areas. We had some pretty good thunderstorms roll through this area, which took down some trees and put out power for a few hours, one right across main street in Old Forge. A day after some of these storms, I saw a few state tree trimming trucks stationed in the aream which I had never seen before, so I thought some folks got hit harder than we did in Inlet. I was headed for Independence Reservoir that morning and I got to Little Safford and bumped into one of their pickup trucks. I couldn’t figure where they might be going, so I stopped them, and they asked if they could get to Twitchell Lake this way. I told them that unless they have keys to the gates, they can’t get to Big Moose and Twitchell this way. They got out their cell phones and checked out the route up the Big Moose Road on to the Twitchell Lake Road and went on their merry way. I believe the trucks all had Virginia plates and never saw them again during the week. 

Then one morning, I went to Twitchell Lake myself to put a trail camera on a nesting loon nest. When I got to the parking lot by the boat launch, there was not a car or person in sight, but there was a little brown terrier dog walking around in the parking area. I parked and untied my canoe, the little dog followed me around, but it wouldn’t let me pet or catch him. I opened my door, but it was too high for this little dog to jump in. I walked up the first camp with life and asked if they were missing a dog or knew of anyone who was, and they didn’t know of any missing dog. Then a resident from across the lake came along and I asked if she might try to catch the dog; being a woman, it might let her catch him. He had no part of her and ran down the trail. She left and I gave the dog a piece of my sandwich, which it ate, then another which it ate also. I put a piece on the door opening and it could stand up and get that one also. I put down my pack and a life cushion on top for it to climb on and put some sandwich meat inside the truck. He jumped up and grabbed the meat and back out before I could shut the door. So, I tried again but got the door shut before he could get out this time. He ate the meat and climbed up on the seat and laid down on my raincoat. I unloaded the canoe and got ready to go up the lake, moved my truck in the shade and opened the windows some, as it was hot. He let me pet him without getting nipped and I left him in the truck.

I went across the lake, put up my trail camera on the loon nest and she stayed on the nest, which was good. I went up the lake and checked the other pair and saw bands on the male of that pair, but found no nesting. I came back down the lake and just as I was coming into the dock, a lady pulled up in a black SUV and she got out. She asked if I had seen a little brown dog and I said yes and it’s in my truck. She told me she had loaded her car and thought the little dog had gotten in and she drove off thinking it was asleep in the back seat. She got to Wal-Mart in Utica and found she had no little dog in the car. She drove all the way back up, lucky to find I had caught the dog and put it in my truck. I opened my door and the little dog jumped out and ran over and jumped into her vehicle this time. She thanked me and off they went back to Utica. 

I had a couple appointments in Utica one day and they were a few hours apart, so I went over to the Utica Marsh, which I hadn’t been in for a few years. The road going there was closed, but you could park and walk in, which I did. It was hot and near noon time, but there were lots of birds singing and I confirmed several with young as I walked over to the raised platform. The road noise was very loud, as it goes right by the marsh, but it was a nice couple of hours right at the city limits. You could look across the marsh from the tower and see the new hospital going up just across the river.

We will be banding hummers again this weekend at the Stillwater Restaurant, either Saturday or Sunday depending on weather, from 8 to 11 in the morning. You could call me at home or Marian at the restaurant to confirm the day. 

This is going to be one of the first big weekends when lots of people will be getting out for the first time in over a year, so drive your cars and boats a little slower and respect the rights of others, as it has been a long year for all of us. There is plenty of land, trails, waterways and places to go for everyone, stay safe and enjoy. 

Lots of little birds and animals out and about, just take their pictures and leave them be, but that’s another story. See ya.

 Photo Above: Loon on a nest

Foggy morning at Ferd’s bog

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  • Susan Sarabasha 03/07/2021 7:16pm (1 month ago)

    Thank you. I so look forward to your writings in View, especially since we live near Ithaca and don’t get up to Inlet as much as we used to.

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