Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 112


Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 112

We still sit under a rain cloud for the last three weeks with very few sunny days. One day, it dumped an inch and a half out of the rain gauge at noon, then traveled to Twitchell Lake for the afternoon and came home to have that much again in the gauge and it was still raining. A couple nights we got over two inches. Then out west, they are both being cooked with high temperatures and no precipitation, plus having another forest fire season that’s burning thousands of acres. 

The yearly Loon Census was on Saturday and if you took part, please send in your results of the lake or lakes you surveyed. Many of the lakes in this area were taken by someone, as I checked through them before the survey. I’m sure some were missed, as they are every year, but most get checked. Some loons are still sitting, but many lost their nests in high water during the last week. Some had added material to their nests trying to stay above water, but most went under as the water rose too fast to keep their eggs out of the rising water. 

There are chicks on many area waters, so give them a break and let them feed their chicks without being chased by a boat or canoe just to get a good photo. Use a long lens telephoto and they will feed right in front of you once they find out you aren’t a threat. Just drift along with the family like you are part of it, take your photos and leave. 

There was a great event right in town on Sunday afternoon: the Garden Party at View. Many members and guests came to this summer celebration, and it was nice to see many new faces at the event. The gardens were spruced up by members and volunteers and they really looked genuinely nice. It had rained all morning, but for the party, the sun came out and that alone put smiles on a lot of faces. Flowers donated from Mountain Greenery really set off the interior and exterior of the tent and Gould Hall, thanks Kate. The food and music were great and seeing and visiting many old friends and members made it a great evening of fun and laughter. 

My daughter, Erin, and grandson, Jake, came up for a weekend visit and Jake for some fishing. It was fishing in the rain and we got wet a couple of times. We didn’t catch every fish in the lakes we fished, but we did catch a few nice ones. It was all catch and release, so they are all there for the next fisherman to catch. The big one got away both days or they never made it to being in hand or even seen. 

Today turned out to be the best day with the sun shining, calm water, birds, otters and beavers on the water and the lake to ourselves. Catching up on what has been going on in his life, plus catching some fish. He even keyed out a plant that I’ve been trying to identify for a couple years. He just took a picture of the flower and asked his phone, “what is this?” and he got the right answer back. I may have to get one of these, as now there is a program that if a bird song is played, it will identify the bird. You can also send in some description of a bird and you will get choices.   

A couple of those four bear cubs that are a year old, which I saw a couple weeks ago, have been hanging around and their mom dug up all my jack-in-the-pulpits to eat the root. One went up a tree in the yard this morning so I could take its picture. 

Some orchids and other wildflowers are blooming, but you must get their picture when they first come out as the rain surely will knock them down the way it has been falling lately. I’ve had to stake many of my garden flowers.

Just be glad the gypsy moths haven’t hit here, as many areas in the state are nothing but bare trees; not a leaf, but that’s another story. See ya. 

Above photo: Bear cub

Jake with a nice Bass

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  • Tom Ann ward 02/08/2021 2:16pm (2 months ago)

    Great catch with the bear cub

  • Donna Stoner 22/07/2021 8:55pm (2 months ago)

    yes, Gary, it's Cornell's ornithology app, Merlin.....you can put your phone somewhere near a bird and it will identify and give you information....amazing!

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