Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 123


Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 123

Rain, rain and more rain, just when the leaves were at about peak. Our Daughter Erin married David Bills on the 4th of October, 1986, and on the 3rd, the leaves were beautiful, but rain and wind all night put most of them on the ground and we woke up to bare trees for pictures. 

The morning after the wedding we were having a breakfast get together at the house and I got a call there was a notification to be given to a hunter at the Hermitage Camp near Queer Lake that his wife was going to the hospital and having a baby. I got in there about daylight and found the guy and made it back out for some of the after wedding and breakfast treats; all in the life of a Forest Ranger.

Another incident about this time of the year: I had a lost bear hunter who had a heart condition and we didn’t find him that first night, so I called in the Inlet Fire Department to do a strip search along the Moose River, east of his camp, as a bad storm was coming in from the west. Don Bird flew over the area and found a guy by a fire way up the Moose River, almost to the Sly Pond Trail. We took a crew with a litter in from the main road and found the guy. He had fallen while trying to walk in the dark, fell on a stump and cracked a couple ribs. He thought he was having a heart attack and he kept taking his nitro pills, but the pain didn’t go away. We stopped him taking the pills and carried him out to an awaiting ambulance. He came out ok and hunted this area other years.

Karen and I had reservations in Rutland, Vermont for that evening and we left as soon as I got home in a bad storm: wind, freezing rain and snow for an adventure of our own. We hit the Vermont border on Route 4 and there were road closed signs. I could put my foot out the door of the car and skate right down the road, but we pressed on. We got into Rutland passing many cars off the highway. The power was out, no traffic lights or street lights but we found our motel and landed for the night. Things got better overnight, and we saw many neat, covered bridges and fall leaves left on the trees during the next couple days. 

Last weekend we went to Baldwinsville for a school band competition which our grandson, Nathan, who was competing in with his band from Webster. The day was perfect, with very little wind to affect the flag part of the performance. The temperature was about sixty and the sun was out with no rain predicted. We met our son Jason and his wife Kelly and watched the first half of the competition with the Webster band, the last one before intermission. It isn’t hard to find Nathan while they are performing, as he is the only tuba in the band. They did well and won their division for the event. It was nice to see them, as we hadn’t seen them since things were shut down by Covid. There were several other good bands performing with many different themes and music to go along with those themes from different size schools.

This Friday was a busy day which always makes it go faster. First, I went over to the Death Brook
Falls (Quarry Falls) Trail with Forest Ranger Gary Miller to fix the wet area going to the falls. We tore out all the crist-crossed corduroy and got the little water stream flowing again, then planked over it and to it from both sides, something it’s needed for years. We had several people go by while we were working to see the falls now that it’s advertised out on the road and people can find it.

Came home and showered and went to the opening of the Quilt Show at View in Old Forge. Keeping our masks on as covid has been on the move in Old Forge. Many vaccinated people have contracted the disease, luckily none to serious so far because they had their vaccines. Many children haven’t gotten a vaccine yet, so wearing a mask still helps those not vaccinated. The Quilt Show was beautiful with quilts from all over the country and some from other countries. Many different themes are shown in some of these quilts; all worth a look see.  

Then, Saturday was Kids Day in Inlet and I got out on the raft in Fifth Lake to help out with all the kid’s fishing there. Many of these kids had never had a fishing pole in their hands, but others were real pros. They came in shifts each hour and of course it rained some, not too hard and the kids didn’t seem to mind it at all. Some may have caught their first fish, but there were smiles on faces all around and most had a good time and so did I with the other helpers.

Color all around, so get out and soak some of it up, but that’s another story. See ya.

Above Photo: Kids Fishing Kids Day

Nathan and his tuba Webster Band

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