Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 23

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Outdoor Adventures Vol. 23

Some nice leaves made it until Columbus weekend, but they are falling fast. Two nice red maples, in the Arrowhead Parking Lot in Inlet, held their leaves and many photographs were taken of these beautiful trees. Several folks stopped at Bald Mountain Pond for a quick shot across the water for a nice reflection picture. Others trudged up the area mountains and foot trails around some of the lakes, looking for that great fall shot. A little rain on Saturday didn’t dampen their spirits to find a water fall like Cascade, Twitchell Creek or Death Brook to photograph. I went into Death Brook on Wednesday at about noon, when there were no cars parked there. A bus must have dropped off a group of high school children from New Hartford, as they were at the falls when I got there. It was about lunch time when they climbed off the falls, so I could get a shot without people in it. One of the teachers made a campfire and they all sat around it having lunch when I walked out.

The two inches of rain we got this week sure filled the swamps and my little creek is flowing again. The folks out in California sure could use a little of this rain, as the red flag warnings are out all over, with over thirty fires just today (10/11). Several homes were lost, as well as one life lost, as many had just minutes to evacuate their homes.

Across the Pacific, the fourth Typhoon to hit Japan since April is bearing down on Tokyo. Typhoon Hagibis has very strong winds and as much as 31 inches of rain may fall during this storm. As of Saturday, October 12, 2019, two are dead and nine missing, with high water and landslides all over the area. All flights have been canceled in and out of the area.

Here in the US, another early snowstorm roared out of the western mountains and slammed North Dakota with over two feet of snow and the tail of the storm got into parts of Iowa and Nebraska. We hit one of these storms while going west last fall about this time. There were cars and tractor trailers all over the medians, as we went through, and everything had a coating of white as daylight came. Most of it melted before we reached Colorado, but the mountains were certainly white as they will be this year.

I’ve had several people send me photos of all black wooly bear caterpillars, which is usually a sign of a hard winter. With all the berries and nuts on the bushes and trees, it might also be another sign to put up another cord of wood. My beechnuts have mostly fallen on the ground and the deer, with their dark winter coats, have been pushing around in the leaves eating them. I even open the gate on the garden so they could munch on the bean plants, but there are so many nuts, they have left the beans alone so far.

This is a good time to pick many wildflower seeds and scatter them around where you might want them to grow. They won’t flower next year, but the following year, you should have some great looking plants and flowers; good things take time.

I got out a couple times in the last week for end of the season brook trout fishing. The males, this time of the year, are almost as pretty as the colorful wood duck. The trout have bright orange bellies with their red and white fins sure make a great picture and they taste good right out of the pan also.

If you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, or even a nice day, the Quilt Show at View has some beautiful quilts. I think the count was 84 hanging in the galleries. Stop in and take a look; many local quilters have one hanging in the show.

Sorry to hear of the passing of George Capron, local weatherman from Boonville and the Moose Radio station. His cheerful voice each morning, no matter what the weather, and his history back through the years of record highs, lows and snow and rainfall totals, he will be missed.

Guest writer Sue Kiesel will have a piece here next week, about her joys of nature and photography, but that’s another story. See ya.

IMG 0866
Death Brook Falls

wooly bugger
Wooly bear

NICE BUCK Ted hicks
Nice buck by Ted Hicks

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