Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 57


Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 57

This week was more like mid-July and August, so I guess we had better just get used to it. I was just about to string the hose out to the garden when a black cloud came over last night with a little thunder and lightning and dropped over an inch and a half of rain on us in about an hour. It was pretty intense as it blocked off the TV satellite signal several times. 

My garden is looking quite well this year and my tomatoes in front of the garage in pots are looking more like tree seedlings with little green things on them. I hope the chipmunks don’t get a liking for green tomatoes as they have been eating some of the flower seed heads already. One family up on West Bay of Big Moose has a Barred Owl family living not far away and these birds come in during the day and snatch up a few chipmunks every day to feed their young. Normally I have a family in the backyard but this year they went over the hill and they are living in Limekiln Campsite as no one is staying there yet, so they have the place to themselves. There has always been a pair or two of Barred Owls around Limekiln Lake. The first juvenile one I saw was in my neighbor’s backyard as it was screaming for supper one night. I had never heard this call before so I went out with my spotlight and found the bird and watched mother bring it some food but that didn’t shut it up for very long. They could come here and take some of my chipmunks and mice as they just keep coming out of the woods. I know they have dug up some of my bulbs as I see their holes by the plants. They find one they like, and they go right down the row just like cut worms in the garden. 

A couple new butterflies showed up this week the Mourning Cloak and White Admiral. The Yellow Swallowtails are still around in big numbers. I have seen wings of the large Luna Moths that have been killed by the car and the birds pick them out of the radiator and leave the wings on the driveway.

Speaking of moths and bugs we went out the other night to Huntley Pond over near Minerva to try and catch a male Loon with fishing line around its lower bill. We saw the bird when we pulled up just before dark and never saw it again in about two hours of searching with a light in the dark. The bugs that were hatching out of the pond were all over the place and the lighter up front even ate a few. I took a couple pictures of the bugs buzzing around in the light as he looked for the Loon. We had a big beaver upset a few times and he slapped his tail probably warning the Loon we were out there looking. There was a Common Merganser Family of five on the pond which we saw several times but no Loon. 

 Driving home that night we saw a big bear right by the transfer station road in Long Lake as he lumbered across the road at about midnight. The only deer we saw coming home was just down the Limekiln Road. On the trip over there in the daylight we saw several Turkey families and many single birds right on the roadside. With all this wildlife using the roadsides as a feeding area and many crossing the highways you have to be more alert this time of the year. A duck family, turkey family, mother and cubs or a doe and fawns might be crossing most anywhere. If you see one slow down and give them the right of way until they get across the highway. There are no crossing guards to let them cross so give them a brake.

Just going to the Remsen Bog today to see the showy ladyslippers I saw where three deer had been killed lately and a dead buck down just north of Remsen, a coyote pup by the View Arts and a fawn just outside of Old Forge all killed this weekend. There hadn’t been that much traffic on the highways and then comes the weekend and these critters aren’t looking out of cars because there have been so few people traveling. 

The Father’s Day trip to Remsen was worth the ride as the showy ladyslippers were mostly out but some were still in bud, so you had to watch where you were putting your feet, so as to not step on those plants. The white bog orchids were also in bloom as well as a few green orchids. 

My daughter Erin sent me a picture taken on her daughter Emily’s wedding day in January as we had a few tears of joy together, very nice. My sons Mitch and Jason both sent pictures of things we did together some many years ago and many nice words you would love to hear your sons say about the things we did together. It was a very nice Father’s Day!

 1966 At West Canada Lake
Me and Erin and Mitch at West Canada Lake 1966

emilyand me
Tears of joy just before the January Wedding

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  • Berniece Boggs 26/06/2020 12:53pm (14 days ago)

    Lovely father-daughter picture. Thanks for sharing.

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