Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 78

Says fall 2020

Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 78

The weather here remained warm for most of the week, with a little rain a couple of days; not good weather for most of the deer hunters in the area, as the leaves were very crunchy under foot. I have taken my gun for a walk a few times and seen lots of buck signs in scrapes on the ground and a few rubs on trees, but no bucks seen so far while hunting. I see them roaming the streets of Old Forge, as bold as can be in their sanctuary. This snow should uncover some of their hiding spots and some hunters should do fairly good this week as the bucks will start traveling during the day in pursuit of does. 

Other weather across the nation as Hurricane Eta hit northern Florida, leaving some damage, but then as it traveled northeast, it dumped several inches of rain in North Carolina, washing out many roads and bridges. A few lives were lost in the flooding. The next hurricane Iota, which is in the Greek Alphabet, is going to hit Nicaragua near the Honduras border today, Monday, as a super fierce Category 5 hurricane with winds of 155 MPH and a storm surge of 12 to 18 feet. This is the first Hurricane Iota on record and has tied the 2005 season for the most hurricanes in a single season. This may be the new normal; as the oceans warm with climate change, there may be more hurricanes in the Greek alphabet even this year. 

There may be several birds at your feeders as they pass through the area, but not many staying around, as there is no wild food out there in this area, such as the big beech nut crop we had last year. Even the turkeys moved in for a winter stay at my feeder. There are two flocks that clash each day if they come at the same time, one group of 9 and one group of 11, which are much more aggressive. There is a lot of talking and breast bumping that goes on and not much eating until one group or the other back off. 

The Presidential race was finally called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over President Trump, but the President refuses to honor the results so far.

The Covid 19 virus is spreading faster each day across the country, as 49 states had many more cases than they ever had. Hospitals are being pushed to the limit as to how many people they can handle, and it is only going to get worse until the vaccine is available nation and worldwide. Keep those masks on and avoid social gatherings. 

We are having our own Thanksgiving dinner and may visit the children on-line during the day. Picked a few wild cranberries the other day to make my own cranberry sauce, even though Karen will not eat some of the wild things I make. I do not have to go very far for a turkey, just kidding. 

The Say’s Phoebe that was at Crown Point in the spring for a month’s stay has returned for a fall visit. It probably is the same bird, but we do not know for sure as we did not catch the bird this spring. But there are not any other Say’s Phoebes in the area that we know of. Stacy Robinson, who lives in Port Henry, got some nice photos of it yesterday. 

The Snow Geese are also on the move in the Champlain Valley, as 5,000 to 10,000 were seen there over the weekend in the fields around Chazy, along Lake Shore Drive. My sister Patti and her husband live just off there and took a picture across from their home this morning, as the cut corn field was white with Snow Geese. A Snowy Owl was also seen in that area on Saturday, so they are also on the move and it may be a year for them to travel south for the winter. They sure should not have much of a problem finding mice for dinner, as that population is still super high.

I did have a male Cardinal at the feeder this week, but it did not stay very long, and it moved on south. There have been a few reported in the Old Forge area and they seem to like a more urban setting to stay in winter. I have had several Fox Sparrows this fall, so they must have had a good breeding season north of us. 

On my hikes out in the woods, I will be lucky to see more than two or three birds in a four -mile circle. A Pileated Woodpecker and a Raven might be heard or seen during my travels. Some Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers are still finding enough food to forage in the woods.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and stays safe, but that’s another story. See ya. 

geese at Pattis
Geese at Patti's

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  • Karen Rudar 20/11/2020 7:10pm (6 months ago)

    Gary, I read where the Say’s Phoebe is common in the western US. How unusual is it to see it here in the east.

  • Karen Rudar 20/11/2020 7:10pm (6 months ago)

    Gary, I read where the Say’s Phoebe is common in the western US. How unusual is it to see it here in the east.

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