Susan Cox: Finding Home Exhibition, Nearing Last Weeks at View

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Susan Cox: Finding Home Exhibition

Nearing Last Weeks at View


Old Forge, NY (March 16, 2017) – View, a multi-arts center located at 3273 State Route 28, Old Forge, NY, announces the last weeks of Susan Cox: Finding Home exhibition. About two weeks remain in this unique exhibition that features sculpture and glass “Telescoping Houses.” Visitors are encouraged to stop by View to realize firsthand the exhibition’s beauty before its completion on April 1st. With a background in architecture and house design, the exhibition Finding Home represents some of the thoughts that artist Susan Cox has had about “home” and how she perceives the meaning of the word.

There are three large houses in the exhibit, two are landscape houses where the landscape literally becomes the house. The third is a large house made only of clear glass that has been mirrored on the inside. In fact, when you look at it you will see a distorted image of yourself, similar to the effects a funhouse mirror has on the body. But, perhaps the most important takeaway from the third house is that when you look at it will you come to realize that the truest location of “home” is always within you.

The inspiration for these pieces came from an old design idea from early houses in New England. These often began as a small room and, as the family grew and more money was made, layers were added on to the original house. The result was a house that looked like it was telescoping out. Think of looking through a telescope: it is bringing you out into the expanding world, much the way the world looks as you grow up and venture out. If you reverse that and look backwards into a telescope, the world appears smaller, or in the case of the telescoping house, goes back to the beginning.

Finding Home is one of four thematically interconnected exhibitions currently at View. Each exhibition—Synthesizing Nature, Emily White’s Wildlife Management, and Davana Robedee’s Climates—conceptually plays upon themes of nature and culture, often posing the question of where one ends and the other begins. Within this context, Finding Home speaks to the ideas of the synthetic and culture with its usage of archetypal house-forms, which in turn automatically return the viewer to thoughts of landscape, habitat, setting, and environment.

Susan Cox’s Finding Home, is on exhibit at View through Saturday, April 1st, 2017, along with Synthesizing Nature and Davana Robedee’s Climates. Emily White’s Wildlife Management closes March 25th, 2017. 

About Susan Cox

Susan Cox has been involved with the arts since the late 1970s. Her formal training was as an architect, receiving a Masters Degree in Architecture from Columbia University. Cox moved from architecture to glass in 2005 when she discovered the immediacy of exploring ideas of space, light, and memory in glass. Since 2014 when she was an Emerge Finalist, she completed an invitational residency at Bullseye’s RCNY, and has been honored as one of ArtsWestchester’s 50 for 50. Recent shows include Space, Structure, and Light at the Silvermine Gallery in New Canaan, CT and In the Nature of Things at the Bullseye Gallery in Mamaroneck, NY. Susan lives and maintains a studio in Pound Ridge, NY.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am-4pm



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