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Mary Murphy Marblehead 2022

A Q&A with Mary Murphy


How did you become affiliated with View?
Around 2000, I found out about the national watercolor show and started attending it every fall. Eventually I took my first of several Old Forge Art Center workshops in the old building. But I believe it was Martha Deming who got me involved as an artist when she urged me to start participating in the Central Adirondack Art Show and the Plein Air Paint Out. 

What medium do you work with?
For my larger pieces, I work primarily with watercolor and oil. Drawing, ink and watercolor sketching, and practicing Asian ink painting are favorite ways to prepare for a more formal painting or simply indulge in happy mark-making. I have also dabbled in pastel.

Are there artists that have influenced your style?
There are many artists who have influenced me, including national watercolorists that taught View workshops, including Stephen Quiller, Judi Betts, Chris Krupinksi and Jim McFarlane. More recently, during the pandemic, I studied with Chris Gallego of the Arts Student League online. But the artist who has most influenced me is Martha Deming. About 20 years ago, I asked Martha to teach me one-on-one. For a summer I went to her studio weekly and probably received the equivalent of a degree in fine arts. Since then, Martha has been a huge influence and mentor to me, and I’m very grateful to her. 

What are your favorite programs at View?
My favorite categories of programs are exhibitions and workshops. Among the other wonderful View events, I love the Plein Air Paint Out most of all.

You’re also a volunteer at View. What type of volunteer work do you enjoy most at View?
I appreciated the honor of being a Board member in 2013-15. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working with Heather Caufield helping to hang the exhibitions. It’s quiet, manual labor, but I usually have the pleasure of working with Heather and like-minded colleagues while enjoying the artwork slowly and up close. Also, I suspect the arithmetic required is good for my brain! 

Why do you feel that View is important to our community?
Those of us who choose to live closer to nature rather than in a large urban setting often sacrifice the arts to do so. View gives us the best of both worlds: we can live among the spectacular mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks (or in their foothills, in my case) while still enjoying the art, music, and community and educational opportunities that View offers. I’m very grateful for the opportunities that View has given me to learn, exhibit and teach and just enjoy the goodness of the arts from our beautiful part of the world.

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  • Kathryn 17/06/2022 7:29pm (8 months ago)

    BRAVO MARY !!!
    Great article...

  • Donna Stoner 27/05/2022 5:21pm (9 months ago)

    a wonderful spotlight on well deserved. and her acknowledgement of Martha Deming's influence is so well deserved. this is a wonderful new feature and i look forward to who's next!

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