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Outdoor Adventures with Gary Lee - Vol. 221

Tropical Storm Idalia is crossing the tip of Cuba right now and it will become a hurricane as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico heading for the west coast of Florida. It is scheduled to hit at high tide on Wednesday with a 7-to-11-foot storm surge in an area that isn’t that much above sea level. People still claim there is no climate change and that this is just a normal weather pattern. There are three more storms out in the Atlantic, the first one looks like it will stay out to sea but where the other two go hasn’t been determined   yet.  

Hurricane Hilary that hit California on 8/18 caused mudslides and flooding with up to ten inches of rain. This tracked north into Oregon and Washington where it did some good as it dropped rain on the fires that were happening there. They also got some of the rain into Canada where it was also needed on the fires there. Some more New York State Forest Rangers have been sent west on fires in Idaho. Other crews earlier this year went to Canada and western states on forest fires burning out of control. One they went on had no control when they were dispatched so I’m sure they saw some fire on that one.

Speaking of fires this Saturday, 9/2, will be the fire tower lighting date in New York with a rain date of 9/3. There are several towers in this area that will be lit up from 9 to 9:30PM that evening. One Wakely Mountain will be lit up early so it can be seen on the sunset dinner cruise on Raquette Lake Navigation’s W W Durant. Wakely Mountain Tower has a complete look at most of Raquette Lake. This year to honor those who served, a list of the observers that served on the tower while in service will be read during the time it is lit. My list at Woodhull Tower is T.H. Tabor-McKeever-1911-1926, Charles Reed-McKeever-1927-1929, D.E. Williams-Old Forge-1930-1930, Grant Parkhurst-Old Forge-1931-1933, Charles H. Chase-1934-1938, Harry L. Russell-Old Forge-1940-1941, Earl Carman-Old Forge-1941-1944, Daryl Carman-Old Forge-1944-1944, Daryl Carman-Old Forge-1945-1945, William Peacock-Old Forge-1946-1946, Ralph Austin-Old Forge- 1947-1948, Stanley B. Little-Old Forge-1949-1955, John J. Marleau-Big Moose-1955-1955, James Axtell Sr.-Old Forge-1955-1959, Clovis LeBrun- Old Forge- 1959-1962, John J. Gaffney-Old Forge-1964-1964, James M. Ryan- Old Forge- 1965-1970. Other towers that will be lit in the area are Rondaxe, Stillwater, Blue, Snowy, Wakely and Owlshead. Some of these can be viewed from area lakes and places on highways where you can see these towers in the daylight. From Woodhull I can see all of these except Owlshead. If you plan on going up to one of these towers to see it lit, make sure you have lighting to get back down as it isn’t as easy as traveling in daylight, head lamps are best as it leaves both hands free to hold onto things along the trail if you need to. 

The Old Forge Garden Club will be holding their annual plant sale at the Old Forge Library from 9:30 until noon on Friday 9/8. Area gardeners will have some of their plants potted and for sale. Many of these are deer resistant and ready to bloom for you next year and many more years. Seeds from many of these plants will also be for sale so you can plant your own garden. These seeds will produce plants the first year as wildflowers do and flowers the second year. Some will produce flowers that first year. Some small red spruce, white pine and balsam trees will be available to plant in your yard. Come and get your flower garden started, some are shade, and some are sun plants.   

The 90 Miler Canoe Classic starts that day also on Old Forge Pond about the time the sun rises out of the fog, and it is safe to start. Always nice to see the start and visit with friends in the race and wish them to have a good safe race. Three days of paddling from Old Forge to Saranac Lake and Lake Flower finish on Sunday is a lot of paddling. My arms are tired just thinking about it but some love it and have done it several times but not me. 

The leaves are changing as I look out my window, but that’s another story. See ya. 

Photo Above: Hummer in the Garden by Don Andrews