Easter Egg Felting (adult only)

April 3, 2021

Easter Egg Felting with Mallory Zondag

April 3, 2021 - 2:00-4:00 pm

Try out some new materials this spring for egg decorating. Learn the art of needle felting during this two hour workshop. Using a pre-shaped form, use needle felting as a decorative and painterly tool to create patterns, color shifts and even textures for your uniquely woolly Easter egg. 

This workshop will be in Gould Hall to allow for maximum social distancing.  


Member - $55.00

Non Member - $65.00

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About Mallory:

A part of my work has always involved community art. Sharing my love of fiber art, my passion for nature and sustainability and my expertise is an important aspect of my work as an artist. I travel to different communities to lead collaborative fiber art projects made possible through residencies and visiting artist programs at schools and other community organizations. Learn more about my community art below.

I create fiber art to address our relationship to the natural world. We are a part of the natural world's cycles of balance; growth and decay, creation and entropy, yet decay makes us uncomfortable. Roofs that sag with moss and the weight of time, bodies that become food for the mushrooms and bluebells, these moments of decay confront our knowledge of our own mortality and lead us either to fascination or fear. 

"There is nothing I would rather do than work with my hands"

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