Surface Design Alchemy

July 12, 2019

Instructor: Susan Murray

Learn an array of enchanting and unusual surface design techniques for use on paper, canvas, or fabric. Techniques that will take your art to the next level. Susan walks you through the step by step process of creating unique textures and designs with paints, plasters, waxes, stencils and reactive metals. Add a little magic to your art!

Projects include:
Stencil & Stain Hardwood Board: Using 3 different colors of stain and a stencil, on a corkboard, we will create artwork that mimics marquetry.
Venetian Marble with Embossed Stencil: On heavy paper, using 2 tones of color, we will create the look of natural marble. Then using a stencil, I will teach you how to create a embossed accent to add to your art.
Multi-Layer Shimmerstone with Rust Accents: On a canvas board, we will use several colors and products layered together to create a beautiful small painting.

It’s up to you what you create!

About Susan:

Over the years, Susan has explored and worked in a variety of art-related fields - photography, printing, graphic design, computer illustration, set design, and decorative painting.

As a self taught artist, she has learned each craft by diving in and immersing herself in a medium, striving to master each, and discovering that there is always more to learn!

For over a decade, she has been a principal partner in my art business, Finished With Style, LLC. They create fine decorative finishes and hand painted furniture for homes and businesses throughout NY and CT.

Susan realized that the various finish mediums that she mastered over the years can be applied to create unique works of fine art with what she calls a "touch of magic" to add depth and illusion to her work. This discovery has led to a wonderful period for her of exploration into the world of fine art.

To view Susan’s work, please visit: SusanTaylorMurray.com


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