Batik Techniques for Watercolorists with Instructor Pam Lynch

August 9, 2018

Pamela Vogan Lynch is a Signature member and is on the board of directors for the Central New York Watercolor Society, will instruct participants with the necessary steps to create a one-of-a-kind watercolor batik painting of the subject of their choice.  Pam Lynch will guide artists as they progress from a simple outline sketch on rice paper, through a series of alternating paint and melted wax applications, to their completed original work of art.

 Materials for the class:

Watercolor paints (tube watercolors) a mixing palette, painting support, water container, and some “beat up” older/cheaper brushes that are more for experimentation than for your serious watercolor work. The reason is that with this process, you will be using applications of melted wax as a resist during the painting process and flecks of the wax may end up in your paint, etc.  The brushes will end up with some residual wax in them, as well, which means they will not be good for much except future batik work! Forewarned is forearmed! Also, we will be painting on a flat surface, so no easels required.

  • Old clothes/ apron/cover up, latex gloves (if desired), and a roll of paper towels
  • Reference material/photos, etc. Subject matter is up to you, but know that we will be simplifying the composition and detailing is not always possible. Watercolor batik technique will definitely assist you in that “loosening up” that many of us desire!
  •  Drawing pencil, eraser, ruler, fine tip Sharpie or other brand permanent marker (s). You can use black or any other color you prefer (not yellow, too hard to see)
  •  Stack of newspapers (for blotting up the wax as we melt it back out of your work when you are done)
  •  A travel or craft iron with extension cord if you have one.  I will try to have a couple to share.
  •  A sense of adventure and a willingness to try something new!

 ****Japanese rice paper, paraffin wax and containers will be provided

Registration deadline:  August 2, 2018

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