CNYWS Series: Meet the Medium with Martha Deming, TWSA, PSA

August 7, 2019

Think watercolor is too scary? Think you have to get it right the first time because you can’t change it? Think it’s too hard to control? Come meet this fascinating and versatile medium and make it a friend for life by building your basic water color skills in easy steps.

 Class Limit: 20 students

Registration deadline:  July 31, 2019

$125/$95 View or CNYWS Member (price includes lunch but does not include materials, material list below)

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Paints: Warm (orangey red) and cool red (eg. permanent rose), Warm (eg. Indian yellow) and cool yellow (eg. lemon yellow), Warm (eg. Cobalt, ultramarine) and cool blue (greenish blues)
Other options: Hookers Green, Sap Green, Viridian, Benzamida Orange, DaVinci orange, whatever else you may have on hand. Most colors are toxic but Cadmiums especially so.
Good brands: DaVinci, American Journey, Winsor Newton, Sennelier , Schminke
Note: don’t buy cheap paint or student quality. If you want good results, get good paints.
Paper: Good brands: Arches, Winsor Newton, Cheap Joe’s Kilimanjaro, Jack Richeson
Sizes: full sheet (22x30) can be cut into several smaller pieces; blocks; pads; medium size, not huge, not real small.
Weight: 140 lb. cold press; 300 lb. is great but more expensive
Note: Like paints, get good paper for good results
Brushes: Good brands: Cheap Joe’s, Robert Simmons, Winsor Newton
Get natural/synthetic blends or synthetics. Sable is great but hugely expensive and requires killing animals.
Sizes: ½” flat, 3/4” flat, #6 or 8 round
Don’t buy cheap brushes, same as for paint and paper.
Palette: Cheap Joe’s Original or (better) Piggyback Palette or similar. If you are staring fresh, wait for class to set up your palette.
Other useful stuff: Kleenex, paper towels, water container(s), scissors, X-acto knife, fine point marker (eg. Sharpie fine point), pencil, eraser, magic eraser, ruler, masking tape or white art tape (Never that blue or purple stuff!), support board (gatorboard or similar), notebook for taking notes, sketch pad (6x9, 8x10-ish), old hand towels or sponge for blotting brush, old bath or beach towel for table cover, folder or portfolio to carry your work in, anything else you have on hand that you usually use when you paint.
Good places to shop for materials:
Cheap Joe's Art Stuff http://www.CheapJoes.com 1-800-227-2788
Rochester Art Supply

Questions? Call or email me: 315-831-5324 or mmdatmeadowtop@frontiernet.net

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