CNYWS Traveling Round Table Critique

August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017 from 11am-2:30pm

The 2017 TRTC core panel members and alternates:

Signature Artists: Sandra Stockton Rooney - Moderator, Heather G. Abrams - Panel Secretary, Sandra Z. DeVisser - Penologist, Judy Dimbleby, Polly Blunk and Kathy Kernan. Panel alternates are: Jane Grace Taylor, Angela Wilson, Barbara Kellogg, Martha Deming, Pam V. Lynch and Joanne Destefano.

The required collective experience of the TRTC panel members include:

advance studies in the definitive principles of design, personal skills in multiple painting mediums and a background of
experience conducting painting workshops, serving as an exhibition Judge or Juror in local, regional or
National exhibitions and severs as an active Signature member of the CNYWS.

Artist in any Artistic Media may Participate in this Critique:

Bring with you (1-3 works) for critique. Unframed or framed, with a mat or not, finished, unfinished,
even an abandoned work. Ample time is given all participants. All works receive the undivided attention
and fresh eyes of the full panel in assessing the artistic strengths and weaknesses of each work. At the
same time the panel Penologist transcribes a written "Evaluation Summary" of the important remarks,
suggestions and options offered by the panel during each artist's critique. This "Evaluation Summary" is
a positive reference for participants to take with them as they continue the work to improve their artistic

abilities and knowledge in their chosen media.


No Fee

Maximum of 10 participants

Preregistration is required.

UPDATED Registration Deadline: August 15, 2017

To register, please call 315-369-6411 or email info@viewarts.org

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