CNYWS: The Magic of Painting on Smooth Surfaces in Watercolor with Ann Pember

August 16, 2017

Learn to paint fresh, vibrant watercolors with dynamic design, luminous color and strong value patterns. Ideas and concepts covered in Ann’s book,“Painting Close-Focus Flowers in Watercolor,” videos, “Vibrant Orchid, and Painting in the Flow of Watercolor”, and 4 new self-published books on CD, including "The Magic of Painting on Smooth Surfaces in Watercolor,”will be shared, along with painting demonstrations and individual instruction. Ann will share her techniques of painting on a variety of smooth surfaces, including smooth illustration board and paper treated with gel medium, or gesso.

Material List:

  • Hot press papers do not work for these techniques. Choose 1 or more surfaces to try.
  • Boards: draw only with light pencil lines.
  • Strathmore bristol board (500 series) heavyweight plate surface; 4 ply 23 x 29”: 5pk
  • Smooth surface, similar to illustration board.
  • Strathmore 500 series, heavyweight, 5 ply illustration board: 20 x 30”5pk
  • High plate finish: smooth surfaces allow good lifting & produces interesting textures
  • Vellum finish: cold pressed surface more like watercolor paper.
  • Other vellum boards
  • Crescent cold pressed watercolor board & illustration board &
  • Strathmore wet media board & arches hot pressed watercolor board

All allow lifting & textures.

  • Papers: on yupo, terra skin & gesso draw with soft liner brush & non staining paint
  • Yupo: 20 x 26”; 5pk: plastic sheet with a slick, smooth surface allows nearly total lifting to white.
  • Terra skin by mitz; smooth, good lifting
  • Aquarius ii 90lb paper by Strathmore (for surface coating only; see below)
  • Coat paper surfaces (Strathmore 90lb aquarius ii (suggested)
  • Liquitex acrylic gesso / Golden’s fluid matte, or gloss acrylic medium. Foam brush applicators,  paint roller, old 2-3” house painting brush, plastic sheeting to protect table
  • Apply coating evenly to Strathmore aquarius ii watercolor paper or paper you want to use up. Lift the edges of the paper after coating to prevent sticking. Dry in about a ½ hour, or use a hair dryer.
  • Gesso: full strength - pour a puddle onto the middle of the paper. (the size of a fried egg for a ½  sheet of paper and brush out and all around.
  • Medium:  a small amount ½ and ½ with water in a paper cup and stir, then apply as above. 

$95/Member; $125/Non Member

Deadline:  August 11, 2017

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