Beginning Copper Foil Stained Glass Holiday Pins with Mary

October 20, 2018


This class will be your chance to learn each step for making copper foiled stained glass, and you will be able to take home some completed holiday pins!

The pins are made with glass and other elements, and each person should be able to complete a few in one day.  You will learn:

Glass selection, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, adding beads and wire and other elements, cleaning, patina, waxing and polishing.

There are several different pins for many holidays, and if you can think of one you would like to create, give it a shot!

Mary Pokerentowski is a stained glass artist who has 30 years of experience with this process.  She has taught a number of classes in Syracuse and enjoys working in her basement studio when ever she gets a free moment!  Mary's pins are in high demand during the holiday season.  Don't miss your chance to create a special set of pins for your self or as a holiday gift.  Beginning students are welcome as well as those who would like to polish their skills and create fun project!

The workshop is Saturday October 20th, the same day as our Neighbor Day, come early and enjoy a pancake breakfast! 

Class will start at 10:00 am and finish by 4:00 pm. 

Cost to participate in the workshop includes all the materials needed to walk away with a number of finished pins.  Suggest you bring a lunch or purchase a sandwich/salad for $5.00.   

The cost to for the workshop is $110 non members and $95 for members.  

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