Nature Photography Workshop

August 3 - August 4, 2019

Day 1: Saturday, August 3 | 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Day 2: Sunday, August 4 | 5:00 am - 12:00 pm

Instructor: James Rodewald

The Adirondacks are full of beautiful landscapes – they are a pleasure to experience, but a challenge to photograph well. In this workshop you will learn some of the essential tools and techniques for taking photographs that reflect the beauty of the Adirondacks as well as your experience in it.

In this class conservation and nature photographer James Rodewald of Nature’s Sake Photography will teach you the thought process behind great nature photography. You will learn some of the finer features of your camera as it relates to nature photography. You will also gain first-hand experience in the field guiding you through the decision processes of focal length, planning for idea light and selecting more impactful compositions. We will review proper exposure for given scenes to improve your photographs in-camera and review the fundamentals of post-processing techniques.

This unique course will have you chasing light over two separate days and give you insight on shot planning. You will gain exposure to photographing during Sunrise and Sunset as well as hands-on experience in low-light night photography. Rain or shine you will emerge out of this course with a new skill set for tackling nature photography and an expanded ability for bringing your vision of the natural world forward.

Recommended for beginners to intermediate with a solid familiarity of how their camera operates or more experienced photographers who are looking to fine-tune their skillset.

About James:

James Rodewald is an environmental science educator and freelance nature photographer
currently residing in Queensbury, NY. James has decades of experience behind the lens, starting
first with 35 mm film in the mid-1980s. Cameras have traveled with him across the country over
the years, documenting many natural scenes from the American West, South and Northeast.
Although the majority of his portfolio focuses upon the Adirondacks, recent additions include
rural Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cape Cod and Central New Jersey farmland. As a resident of Southern
Washington County for thirteen years agriculture and rural landscapes have informed much of
his work, particularly as it relates to unique lines across landforms and the patterning of trees.
He strives to create unique images of familiar places by focusing upon strong composition under
rare lighting conditions. In an effort to help conserve our natural heritage James donates
significant portions of his art sales to groups working to conserve the lands he photographs. His
photography business called Nature’s Sake Photography has supported the Adirondack Council,
the Lake George Land Conservancy and the Agricultural Stewardship Association. His bodies of
work can be reviewed at naturessakephoto.com


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