Hand Built Ceramic Pumpkin Decorations With Elise 9/28/2021

September 28, 2021

Hand Built Ceramic Pumpkin Decorations With Elise Incze 9/28/2021

Tuesday | September 28th | 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

3 contact hours | Pottery Studio

This is a perfect workshop for creative individuals to add personalized spice to fall festive decorating! This workshop will provide the tools, tips, and techniques to make simple organic sculptural shapes as well as build your interest in ceramics and creating with clay. 

In this workshop participants will explore working with clay by applying textures, decorative elements, joining sections of clay together, and adventure in building pumpkin-like forms with coils. Instructor, Elise Incze, will demonstrate how to use the coil hand building technique to make your very own pumpkin patch of three to four free-form little pumpkins.

Coiling is a traditional and essential hand building technique to create sculptural forms with “snakes” or ropes of clay. Coils can be rolled by hand or extruded. Extrusion is a clay-forming technique involving pushing clay through shaped dies or templates. Extruded coils will be prepared for this workshop and used to form pumpkins.

Participants will also receive an overview of basic tools and studio practices. 

The instructor will glaze your creations for you. The ceramic pumpkins will be available for picking up or shipped after drying, bisque firing, and glaze firing (2-3 weeks). Participants can also schedule a time with Elise Incze to glaze any creations after they have been bisque fired. 

No pottery experience is needed.

Bring your own apron/smock and small hand towel. 

Pre Registration is required, space is limited to 6

$65 / $55 Member

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*This workshop price includes $12.00 for materials 

Registration deadline: September 26th 2021


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