Sketch, Stretch and Scratch: 2-Day Handbuilding and Surface Intensive Design with Chandra DeBuse

June 24 - June 25, 2017

Saturday & Sunday, June 24 &25, 2017 from 9am-4pm

In this 2-day class, students will create functional pottery through handbuilding and surface decorating techniques. Through demonstrations, guided exercises, and looking at historical pottery forms and contemporary illustration, we will spark ideas as we strive to create more personal pots and surfaces. We will examine methods of translating shapes on paper into 3D clay and pottery forms using soft midrange white clay with stamps/templates/molds made from wood, craft foam and bisqued clay. After forming, students will embellish surfaces with imagery and pattern through low-relief, texture, underglaze inlay, sgraffito, brushwork and combined techniques on leather hard clay.  This class will focus primarily on handbuilding , but some wheel-throwing demonstrations will be integrated.  Bring your sketchbook and be ready to experiment with some new techniques. Open to all levels, although some experience with clay will be helpful.  The focus of this course will be developing ideas and skills to springboard your personal practice. At the conclusion of the class, students can expect to take home their designed templates and several greenware pieces.

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Preregistration required.

Registration deadline: June 1, 2017

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Chandra's Biography

Chandra DeBuse creates illustrated pottery at her studio in Kansas City, MO. She received her MFA from the University of Florida in 2010 and was an Arrowmont resident artist.  Her work has been featured in  numerous publications, including Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times and Pottery Making Illustrated.  She was a demonstrating artist at the 2016 Utilitarian Clay Symposium and is a founding member of Kansas City Urban Potters.

For more information on Chandra visit her website, Chandradebuse.com

Student Materials Needed

12”x18” sheets of craft foam (2 mm thick) any light color is fine. Each student should bring 2-3 sheets

Exacto knife

Needle tool

Synthetic yellow throwing sponge ,

Scissors – suitable for cutting fabric

Kemper wire stylus (WS)

Cut off wire

Kemper Ball Stylus –small (BSS)

Flexible metal rib

Sketch book/ idea book

Medium tip black sharpie marker

Rubber ribs. Bring your favorites. I will be using the Sherrill MudTools Yellow Y4 rib and the several of the red ribs (R2 and R0)

Sherrill MudTools Paisley Scraper--Either 24 teeth or 18 teeth is fine http://www.mudtools.com/product/paisley-scraper-,

Sherrill MudTools Shredder or Sur-Form from local hardware store. http://www.mudtools.com/product-category/shredders/

Scoring tool (scratch wire brush – kemper ID# SWB)

A variety of brushes recommended: small bamboo, liner brush for watercolor, hake brushes in a variety of widths, other favorite soft bristle brushes. Optional: larger sumi, mop brush, stiffer bristle brush,handmade brushes, other bamboo brushes.

Favorite throwing and/or handbuilding tools:trimming tools, calipers, throwing ribs, serrated rib, carving tools, texture tools, hole cutters, stamps, favorite bisque hump molds (optional), paddles, etc.

Other optional gadgets: wooden ball – 1.5 inch– 3 inchsizes—purchase at a craft store (Michaels or JoAnn) in the wood working section, Speedball Calligrapher’s Nib for sgraffito and inlay. Example: B Style holder with a sharp nib (513 EF), Brayer/pony roller, Apron/towel




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