Acrylic Sun Printing

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Okay! Here we go with Video #2 from the inimitable Grace and Emma!

Today they're bringing you Acrylic Sun Prints, which is a perfect outdoor art project for summer.

They'll walk you through all the steps (as well as showcasing their dramatic performances throughout the project!). They'll also show you the necessary materials, but here's a list you can refer to after the video inspires you to go out and try this project for yourself!

- T-Shirt (white or light-colored so the paint colors are bright)
- water-resistant tarp or painter's plastic (or possibly plastic bags cut to lay flat)
- paint brushes (really any will do)
- bowls or other containers to mix paint
- acrylic paint (choose as many colors as you want!)

We're very lucky to have Grace and Emma with us this summer, and we know you'll appreciate their energy and the projects they have to show you.


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  • mark salsbury 01/07/2020 6:19pm (3 years ago)

    Awesome. Loved version 2. I will be sending this to all my relatives to show them how cool these projects and you are.

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