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Today we have a special post on books! While View offers workshops on bookbinding and innovative book structures during the summer, here are some things to get into on your own in the meantime!

Handmade books are a fantastic artform in and of themselves, and they open up all sorts of possibilities once you learn the basics. Maybe you want to make your own sketchbook to give it a personal touch? Hand-make a journal to give as a gift? Create a small edition of your own poetry? All possible and accessible to you.

(Don’t forget to see the final part of this post for an invitation to create something — in this time of social distance — that we want to show at the Arts Center! And you don’t necessarily have to make a book to participate)

Here we go! First, some inspiration of the possibilities of hand-bound books, and definitely check out the AMAZING wild books made by our Innovative Book Structures instructor Nancy Callahan (or jump below to get straight into the tutorials):

Now, there are two basic types of books to learn about from the following tutorials.

One is a traditional book layout with a coptic stitch (used first in ancient Egypt!). The finished product will look something like this:

And the other is an accordion book, which can look something like this:


TUTORIAL 1. Coptic-Bound Sketchbook

The basic materials you need for the coptic-bound book are as follows:

  • Awl (for punching holes)
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Bone Folder (only if you want to get those pages folded nice and crisp)

And you can get it all together in a kit like THIS.

Additional Materials (if you don’t have them):

The key additional material for this one is the sketchpad she uses to make the book. It can be found HERE. But keep in mind you can do the exact same technique with ANY paper!



TUTORIAL 2. Accordion Book

Now, before jumping into this one, here is the invitation mentioned earlier. During a time when we all are having to stay in and distant from one another, one great way to be connecting with folks is to make something with them. Why not pass an accordion book back and forth through the mail (or do this with someone already in your home!) and you can trade pages, building something together. You might both draw, you might both write, or you might have a combination of the two. This summer (whenever View is able to reopen its doors), we’ll have a display specifically for projects you’ve created based on ideas from this blog such as this one here.

So.. you can make your own as described in the tutorial below, or you can always pick up an accordion sketchbook HERE and get to drawing.

Here’s a link to the tutorial: DIY Accordion Book

And a few links to materials used in the above tutorial:

- - -

As always, we would love to see what you make! Send in photos to Workshops@ViewArts.org and we’ll post them to the website.

Stay healthy and have fun!

The Team at View

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