Pottery Post #1


We would like to share awesome resources for our Potters who are looking for opportunities to create and explore the world of Pottery from home. We miss you all and hope you are safe and well. Enjoy!

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Browse a variety of Private Collection and Museums & Research Collections of Ceramic objects without leaving your house!

Do you enjoy binge watching educational programs?! If you haven’t started the PBS series Craft in America, start watching today

You can also watch the series on your SMART television by downloading the PBS app. Craft in America shares its abundant library of free videos and online resources for educators and at-home learning.

Learn about contemporary artists from all over the world and their practice and processes in creating with Art21.org. Start by watching Arlene Shechet’s segment featured from episode 7 in “Secrets”. Arlene Shechet employs an experimental approach to ceramic sculpture—she tests the limits of gravity, color, and texture by pushing against the boundary of classical techniques, sometimes fusing her kiln-fired creations with complex plinths formed of wood, steel, and concrete. 

Variously sensual, humorous, and elegant, her clay-based vessels evoke the tension between control and chaos, beauty and ugliness, perfection and imperfection. Considering herself an installation artist who happens to make objects, Shechet focuses intently on ensuring that the display, sight lines, and relationships of the objects in her exhibitions change with every view while maintaining formal equilibrium. See how Arlene’s process of working with clay informs her paper making process in the segment, “Pentimento in Paper”.

Don’t have clay? Make your own DYI Air Dry Clay. Great for kids too!! Have a stockpile of toilet paper at home? Try making Paper Clay with THIS lovely lady from ultimatepapermache.com!


Be well and we hope to see you soon.


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  • Wendy Seifried 27/04/2020 1:02pm (3 years ago)

    Thanks for all this information! Can’t wait to get back to the studio and to see my pottery friends! I have been busy with clay at home nearly - 60 pieces so far! Trying some new decorating techniques! Please stay safe and healthy!

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