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View Art Center’s Potters Share A Workshop Experience With You:

On Sunday, March 8, Potters from View Arts Center took a trip to Clayscapes to attend an IPA Workshop. We share with you highlights from our potters as they saw techniques demonstrated by the following Four Members of Clayscapes Independent Potters' Association:
Karen Jean Smith - Creating Trompe l'Oeil Wood Texture
Courtney Eppel - Sgraffito
Tim See - Making Handles
David MacDonald - Decorated Plates.

Pond Lily Pistil Collection, Karen Jean Smith, Wood fired porcelain

A Message From Heather Caufield:

I was so excited for this workshop, it was a fun day to spend with some of our pottery crew from View! I really enjoyed Karen Jean Smith’s nature related work, her name sounded familiar to me and realized she had exhibited at View before in “Various Flora & Fauna” in 2017, which was one of the first exhibitions that I got to lead.

As I was newer to pottery at that time, I was totally inspired by the work itself and the nature related aspect. As I look back, I think this work may have been part of my inspiration to develop some of my nature related vases.

IMG 20190516 172955IMG 20180515 153217

Lavendar & Tangelo Petals on Spearmint Vases, Heather Caufield, Ceramic fired to cone 6

(The Lavender & Tangelo glazes were samples we had got in the studio which led us to purchase Crown Heights from Clayscapes) 

Courtney Eppel focused on DETAIL! She used sgraffito and slip trailing. I thought of my ice cream social cups and how I could try sgraffito on these to add more detail and help with the design of the cone. I usually use texture on the cone part and definitely will be trying this technique when I can get back in the studio to throw! 

 IMG 20180830 173746

Ice Cream Sundae Cups, Heather Caufield, Ceramic fired to cone 6

Tim See demonstrated the different types of handle making which was great as I usually only extrude handles, definitely going to try some of these other styles he mentioned. I also really enjoyed his style, equipment, techniques and his mechanical looking mugs and pieces! He gives you a chance to really think into exploring and testing new ways of creating which I thought was very valuable. I had already started trying to make my extruded handles connect more with the texture in my mugs, I started to add texture along the side of the handles. Think it made the mugs look more complete and more of a hand built mug all around. 

 IMG 20191204 211813

Handbuilt Mug, Heather Caufield, Greenware 

David McDonald was INCREDIBLE! I was excited to find out that we had taught at View before and was totally absorbed by all he was discussing and throwing! His work has a lot of passion and dedication in it, it takes a long time to finish one plate and he goes over each line multiple times till it’s just right. Here is a detail of his work and you can see all the lines he has already created and all the work it takes to finish one giant plate. 

IMG 20200308 154646 

Overall I had such a wonderful experience with my fellow potters! What a wonderful workshop, I learned some new techniques that I am excited to try and definitely recommend checking out Clayscapes if you haven’t been before.

A Message From Bette Rintrona:

The whole ceramic workshop was wonderful, but I especially enjoyed David McDonald’s thoughtful slow approach to building very large platters with intricate repetitive furrow designs made with a special ebony tool. When the workshop was over I asked David if he would sign an article about him in a pottery book that I had brought with me. After signing the book, we chatted a little about the time I saw him give a pottery demonstration at our old Art Center. View still has  a beautiful large platter and bowl that he donated to the Art Center.David was especially interested in the fact that I knew Vincent Clemente who had been a good friend of his. He had wonderful things to say about Vincent and I’m sure the opposite would be true. I feel very fortunate to have met David in person and watched  him making his pottery with distinctive African designs. 

IMG 20200308 160621

A Message From Sherrie Alban:

As a relative 'newbie' to the world of pottery, I jumped at the chance to attend the Pack 4 demonstrations at Clayscapes -- and (a no-brainer) will gladly do it again when the opportunity arises.  No matter whether or not I ever attempt any of their techniques, I definitely learned from each and every one of them; from making clay look like tree bark, or industrial pieces with screws, or mugs with edible-looking strawberries, or (my favorite) linear designs on plates.

A Message From Elise Incze:

Thank you Clayscapes for a wonderful workshop filled with techniques that inspire us to learn more about how clay can be manipulated in so many different ways and achieve a wide range of aesthetics! We are sharing our experience and appreciate all you do!

Share with us what you are making with clay at home! Email me at eincze@viewarts.org with your comments and creations. If you are interested in learning more about our Independent Pottery Program, feel free to send me an email for more information, I would be more than happy to let you know what View’s Ceramic Studio has to offer you.


As always, be well and we hope to see you soon!






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