Process Videos, vol. 1

Front page acrylic pour cells

Sometimes it can be really useful to observe others’ processes when you’re feeling stuck with art-making. Even when they’re not direct tutorials, seeing other ways of using familiar materials, or discovering new ones can be really inspiring.

With that in mind, today’s offering is a selection of some beautiful process videos of a few varied contemporary artforms! This will be the start of a type of post we'll be returning to again.

[a small suggestion… you may want to mute the videos. They all have music which can be a bit much.]

One form of painting that seems positively meant to be seen in its process is fluid acrylic or pour painting. Fluid acrylics offer many ways of engaging with them, so here are just a few!

A beautiful example with just a bit of added wind power…

Chain Pull technique Black Swan:


Using a regular kitchen colander to Pour:

In the realm or ceramic art, have you come across nerikomi pottery? It’s a process of using colored clays to create beautiful patterned works.

I have to agree with the title of this first video that “nerikomi pottery is oddly satisfying”:

The result of this nerikomi process is absolutely beautiful:

And one final collection of lovely nerikomi techniques:

Watercolor is one of those mediums that can simply be delightful observe. Cindy Lane's posts some wonderful process videos of her watercolor work on her instagram (find them at @cindylaneart):


The videos above are an extremely limited view of what’s out there in the vast internet landscape. We’ll have future posts with more varied process. This is just a start!

Let us know if there are art forms you want to learn more about! You can email us at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for tuning in with us!

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 Front page acrylic pour cells

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