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DIY Spa Day + Custom Coloring Pages !

Hello! Read more about 'DIY Spa Day + Custom Coloring Pages !'...

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Friendship Bracelets

Here it is… Friendship Bracelets!  Read more about 'Friendship Bracelets'...

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Acrylic Sun Printing

Okay! Here we go with Video #2 from the inimitable Grace and Emma! Read more about 'Acrylic Sun Printing'...

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Creative Chimeras

Hello!This post kicks off our summer series of videos by our two Workshops Interns, Grace and Emma!!Today they bring you the “exquisite corpse” in drawing and writing. Read more about 'Creative Chimeras'...


Pottery Post #2

A message from Elise Incze, Pottery and Workshops Team Member: Read more about 'Pottery Post #2'...


Pottery Post #1

We would like to share awesome resources for our Potters who are looking for opportunities to create and explore the world of Pottery from home. Read more about 'Pottery Post #1'...

Front page acrylic pour cells

Process Videos, vol. 1

Sometimes it can be really useful to observe others’ processes when you’re feeling stuck with art-making. Read more about 'Process Videos, vol. 1'...

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A Few Things to Check Out

Okay, so today is going to be a little different. Instead of specific tutorials, this post today is to give you a few different resources and online portals to explore. Read more about 'A Few Things to Check Out'...

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Some Time with Nature

We may be distanced socially, but that’s an important time not to distance from nature! Read more about 'Some Time with Nature'...

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Printmaking at Home

Today’s post is going to look at three types of printmaking that you can do at home. But let’s start with what printmaking is! Read more about 'Printmaking at Home'...

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