Getting Publishers to say: Yes!

May 18, 2019

Instructor: David Hazard

If you want to publish your work it’s extremely important to know - from the beginning - what it takes to land a publishing contract. Who is your audience? What does your book do for them? - these and other important questions are what literary agents and publishers ask. You need to know the answers.

This workshop will take you through a virtual publishing committee meeting, and tell you exactly what each person voting on your book proposal or manuscript needs to see in your pitch.

At the end, you’ll know how to write a winning pitch letter and proposal, and how to make your approach to the right agents or publishing companies, so you can achieve publishing success.

About David:

David is an international writing coach, who has launched bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors for 40 years - and the founder of View’s Art*iculation Writing Program. One of his specialty areas is helping writers handle issues of mindset, organization, and strategy - and how to evaluate their ideas to be sure they’re on the right track for publishing their work.

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