Jump-Start: Writing During the Lazy Days of Summer

July 17, 2021

Saturday July 17th

Join David Hazard and other authors for a writers for a outdoor summer writing workshop designed to help writers stay inspired to write even during the lazy days of summer.

Getting focused and staying focused, then keeping our writing on-track -- these can be big challenges to manage when the weather is so nice. This workshop allows writers to be social, get out into nature, and still have a great time writing their own stories.

This writers workshop will include training and guidance on such things as understanding your audience, storyboarding and outlining, scene building, character development.  And you'll have a chance to share brief readings and receive group feedback (if you wish) -- or you can just share and let us enjoy your work. Along the way, you'll enjoy the camaraderie of other writers who will help you keep the creative fires burning.

Students are encouraged to bring writing materials, a packed lunch, water, sun screen, and any work you wish David to quickly look over and review. 

Registration Deadline is July 14th

Members: $50   Non-Member: $65

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About David: David is an international writing coach, who has launched bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors for 40 years - and the founder of View’s Art*iculation Writing Program. One of his specialty areas is helping writers handle issues of mindset, organization, and strategy - and how to evaluate their ideas to be sure they’re on the right track for publishing their work.

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