Secrets of Great Narrative Writing Zoom Workshop

April 11 - May 2, 2020

Instructor: David Hazard

This online offering will help you understand the powerful "under-structures" on which professional authors build their stories. It will take you through storyboarding, structuring your story in terms of "acts", scene buildin and character building. In short - the very important basics of good story telling.

You will take away from these session the ability to create a strong story outline and understanding of how to create compelling scenes and characters.

Session 1 (April 11):

Be prepared to record or take notes, as this is a content-rich week. We will cover all of the elements mentioned above in the overview description. You can take screen shots of the graphics I present to help clarify the verbal presentation. Be prepared, too, to set a storyboarding or writing objective to discuss in the next session.

Session 2 (April 18):

There will be a quick review of the basics - then authors will present their work or discuss their progress. Be prepared to take notes or record the developmental suggestions or responses given. You'll also be given instruction on how to give a constructive critique - which will benefit you as you review and revisit your own writing. We'll set objectives for the next session.

New instruction will include: Making your writing strongly visual and tactile.

Session 3 (April 25):

There will be a short presentation about the importance of drafting, and how to stage your draft work so your writing builds. ...Based on the previous week's review and developmental suggestions, authors can present the same piece again, redrafted. Or they can present a new, short piece demonstrating the techniques discussed. The goal of writing is always to keep honing your work until it communicates with power to your readers. Be ready to set objectives.

New instruction will include: How to relate plot events to character growth.

Session 4 (May 2):

There will be a presentation on audience, agents, and publishers. After that, authors may choose to present reworked or new writing again. We will close by discussing how to approach agents, what to look for in a good contract, and fielding other questions about the publishing process.

About David:

David is an international writing coach, who has launched bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors for 40 years - and the founder of View’s Art*iculation Writing Program. One of his specialty areas is helping writers handle issues of mindset, organization, and strategy - and how to evaluate their ideas to be sure they’re on the right track for publishing their work.

[NOTE: A link to the Zoom call will be emailed to you the day before each session. This will allow you to access the video workshop at the time scheduled.]

Registration Deadline: April 9, 2020

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