Secrets of Great Storytelling: Writing a Novel or Memoir that Sells Virtual Workshop

July 16, 2022
Every well-told story - whether a novel or memoir - needs a great creative plan. An underlying "blueprint" that empowers the story with energy and interest and other storytelling skills. As well, there are ways to develop memorable characters and riveting scenes that keep your readers turning pages.
This virtual workshop intensive will span these all-important basics, and will launch your writing to new levels and help you on your way to success at selling your book to publishers.
What you'll need: A way to take notes and draw out your storyboard (an 8 1/2 x 11 pad will do); a quiet space to get online, free of distraction.
What you'll take away: A important, foundational skill set to use in both storyboarding and writing your book.
You can submit: A sample of a book in progress (up to 12 pages) or a one-page summary of your book concept (24-hour advance submission requested).
Registration Period Ends July 14th. A Zoom Code will be sent out to students once registration is complete.
Members: $35      Non Members: $45
About the Presenter: David Hazard is a veteran of the publishing world, with 40+ years in the field. As a coach, he has launched more than 400 authors in their writing careers. As a writer, he has published more than 30 books including million-selling and internationally award-winning books. He is the director of ASCENT, and international coaching program for authors.
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