The Power of a Plan: A Zoom Intro Writers Class

November 20, 2021

Have you ever thought about writing, or started - only find yourself tangled in your own thoughts? Have you ever had a book idea fizzle out because you don't know where it's going? With a clear plan, you can successfully complete your manuscript, then get it into the hands of agents and publishers. Without a clear path, a writer can falter and their project stall. Join David Hazard and fellow beginner authors as you explore a number of great options for plotting and laying out your book, whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction. What will you take away:  A sense of direction and confidence, and tools that will help you make real, sturdy progress. 

This class also serves as the perfect beginning point to anyone interested in the upcoming winter writers series, where David and fellow authors share notes and stories throughout the winter months!

Members: $15

Non Members: $20

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David Hazard has helped to launch the careers of more than 400 writers in his 42 years as a writing coach and author of internationally bestselling books. 

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