Visions of Successful Writing: A Zoom Intro Writers Class

December 11, 2021
Inspiration helps. Encouragement helps. Meeting with writers who started out without a clue and are now successful, award-winning authors is a great boost. Join us in this lively, interactive digital event, which will give you the chance to meet with successfully published authors and a literary agent, all of whom are happy to share insights and offer encouragement. Students are encouraged to introduce their ideas and get immediate constructive feedback. Students can also ask questions about any aspect of publishing, and enjoy the benefit of collective wisdom and experience. What will you take away:  A solid sense of what lies ahead for you as an author - the challenges and the "work arounds."  


This class also serves as the perfect beginning point to anyone interested in the upcoming winter writers series, where David and fellow authors share notes and stories throughout the winter months!


David Hazard has helped to launch the careers of more than 400 writers in his 42 years as a writing coach and author of internationally bestselling books. 

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