Zoom - Bestselling Authors "at" View!: Encounters with Experienced Authors

October 10, 2020

Instructor: David Hazard

How do you create good writing habits? How do you work with agents and publishers? How do you submit your work to writing contests? What happens when you achieve bestseller or award- winning status?

In this session, we’ll host bestselling and award-winning authors – via the internet – for a guided discussion about the habits of writers, what it’s like to break in to publishing, how to prep for TV or podcast interviews, and so much more!

Join us, and benefit from the lived experience of successful authors.

About David:

David is an international writing coach, who has launched bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors for 40 years - and the founder of View’s Art*iculation Writing Program. One of his specialty areas is helping writers handle issues of mindset, organization, and strategy - and how to evaluate their ideas to be sure they’re on the right track for publishing their work.


[NOTE: A link to the Zoom call will be emailed to you the day before the workshop. This will allow you to access the video workshop at the time scheduled.]

Registration Deadline: October 5, 2020

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