The Adirondacks provide a source of inspiration & opportunity for artistic expression.


View is a dynamic Center for Arts and Culture based in the Adirondack Region.  Our mission is to enrich, educate, entertain, and inspire.


Passionate about what we do – The View team is made up of people who are full of energy and enthusiasm and are always looking for new ways to help people express themselves with our programming. While not always easy, the team’s desire to bring the next great thing to the View Community keeps us going.

Creative and Relevant – View cannot rest on its laurels. It does not matter what we have done in the past; we strive to continuously bring new ideas, exhibits, performances, and workshops to our community because art is an ever-changing form. By thinking outside the box and always looking for new programs, we want to add to our community’s creative toolbox, in hopes that they will be inspired to create something new.

Collaborative and Accountable – To accomplish our mission, ideas and decisions need to be a collaborative effort. Each View team member has unique professional knowledge, and to operate at our greatest potential, we need to utilize the most relevant parts of those skills sets in every situation. By doing so, we will be able to optimize our processes and, in turn, deliver the highest quality programs we can achieve. Likewise, we are a group of people who are accountable as a team, but also as individuals, as each of us strives to give our best effort and do our part to achieve excellence in what we do.


There are four components of our Culture that together with our Values, describe the working environment at View. These cultural traits are described below:

Welcoming – We are friendly, outward looking and accessible. We understand that the importance of developing a collegial environment where our members, visitors and guests feel welcome is an integral part of the way each one of us works. With this in mind, we want those who visit View to notice and appreciate our welcoming approach.

Trusting – We start from a place of trust as a team, and we support each other in that regard. Many of our policies and work practices are designed to place accountability on each individual and as a team, rather than from a management control perspective. We also see trust as a two-way street. For those individuals who violate trust as a cultural trait, sometimes it is important to put in place actions to regain or rebuild the trust necessary for an individual to function effectively as part of our team. 

Process Driven – Given the limited size or our workforce, we understand that our ability to work efficiently and effectively is incredibly important for us to carry out our mission statement with pride of ownership. Therefore, process management and continuous improvement are both integral to our search for excellence in the work that we do. 

Fun – Despite the challenges we may face at work or in our personal lives, we know that View is a safe haven for happiness, fun, and enjoyment. We are proud to work here, and we consider it a privilege to do so.

The Adirondacks provide a source of inspiration and opportunity for artistic expression. View is dedicated to inspiring the lives of individuals visiting or residing in this magnificent natural area. It also serves as a community center, a conference facility and a venue for special events.

  • Founded in 1951, View is a multi-arts center in Old Forge, New York, housed in facility (2011) designed for arts programming.
  • Open year-round, View draws artists from across North America for its juried exhibitions, and shows the work of regional and local artists in the smaller galleries. Four galleries are airy and light, offering excellent viewing and display.
  • Gould Hall, is a “jewel” of a performance space with great acoustics and intimate seating.
  • The Meyda Tiffany and Lighting Creative Arts wing offers classes for young and old, beginning and experienced artists.
  • View serves as a community center for the region, hosting meetings, and housing the Kinderwood Preschool.

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