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There's a new community theatre in the Adirondacks!

Looking to get involved in making theatre? Join the BLACK BEAR PLAYERS at VIEW, Old Forge's new community theatre!

We are looking for ALL jobs and positions for the theatre including Actors, Stage Management, Lighting, Costuming, Props, Scenic design & build!

Come by View or email us at for more info on how you can get involved!



The Black Bear Players at View have cast their first play, Almost, Maine, by John Cariani!  And rehearsals have begun!  We're excited to bring this poignant play to our corner of the Adirondacks!

John Cariani describes his play Almost, Maine "as a collection of loosely linked short plays,"... all of which take "place over a period of about seventeen minutes on a Friday night in the middle of winter..." The people of Almost, Maine live so far north in Maine they are almost Canadian.  They are rural Americans (not hicks!). They don't have those "funny accents" that most people associate with Maine.  "They're hard-working, ordinary people..." who "are really, truly, honestly dealing with falling in and out of love--in all its painful and hilarious glory." 


We hope to see you at View on May 11th at 7:00pm and/or 12th (Mother's Day!) at 2:00pm!  Get your tickets now!