Mountain Air Painters


We sketch and paint in acrylic, watercolor, oil, and pastel – and a few of us are photographers!  We typically start around 9 a.m. and paint together for a few hours, ending with a group discussion. We share ideas, ask for input, talk about painting supplies, and plan future get-togethers. Many of us have painted for years, and some have started recently — all skill and experience levels are most welcome. Feel free to join us and check us out — bring a sketchbook and pencil and get to know us!

For more information contact Donna Stoner at or call (315) 345-7603.

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Most of us describe our working lives in the past tense - teachers, human services, builders, physicians. Our backgrounds are unique and interesting. All of us are grateful for the time and resources to be able to create together. We all share an appreciation and respect for “our Adirondacks” and hope that our paintings inspire others to love and care for this unique area. We are delighted to share this exhibit, Mountain Air Painters: ADK Expressions en Plein Air.

Mountain Air Painters Gallery