Call to Artists! 11th Annual Plein Air (Anywhere) Paint Out

Greetings fellow Plein Air Painters,

Since Plein Air Painting is one activity that is quite compatible with social distancing,  the 2020 PLEIN AIR PAINT OUT COMMITTEE has decided to make some necessary adjustments and to proceed with plans to hold our 11th ANNUAL PLEIN AIR PAINT OUT, with one major adjustment.  This year’s event will be the PLEIN AIR (ANYWHERE) PAINT OUT!  We invite you to join us by registering today!

We -the PAPO committee and View team- are planning for artists to participate either in person here in the Old Forge area OR from any location of your choice. We are not able to offer housing this year due to current COVID circumstances. If you choose to join us in Old Forge, you’ll find motel information below. The emphasis of the event, regardless of your location, will be plein air painting in your natural surroundings.  

Since conditions are changing daily we will stay in contact with all registered artists. We know, at this point, that food service will be limited. We will provide you with more details over the coming weeks.

By registering to participate each artist agrees to donate one (or two) plein air paintings for the BENEFIT AUCTION which will take place on Saturday, September 5. You must  register your donated paintings online and may deliver to View as soon as they are registered. (See Auction Registration Form link below) (matted, framed, ready to hang, with artist name and painting title on back). If you choose to paint during the regular event dates (September 3-5), you may submit an auction painting(s) up to or on September 5 by 10:00 am. 

In order to give each artist the most exposure and to boost sales of your paintings, CONSIGNMENT PAINTINGS (pay and take) will be part of a View lobby display from August 29 until after the auction Saturday evening September 5- that’s a full week, 5 days more than in the past. Each registered artist may submit one or two paintings (matted, framed, ready to hang, with artist name and painting title on back) which must be registered online and delivered to View by August 27. (See Consignment Registration Form link below)  View retains a 35% commission on work sold. Interested patrons will also be able to view all the donated and consignment paintings online the week before the auction. 

PLEASE OBSERVE THESE DEADLINES so we will be able to prepare the materials we need to display and sell your paintings:
Artist Registration: August 14
Consignment Registration & Drop-off - before or by August 27th*
Auction drop-off start - anytime after you have submitted the auction and/or consignment registration forms online 
Auction drop-off deadline - September 5 | 10am

* we are asking you to consider also dropping your auction painting(s) by August 27 so that all may be displayed for the week preceding the auction.

 As soon as you register you will begin to receive information from us with additional details.

We hope you will want to join us, either in person or remotely, to paint and support View, especially now with all the challenges we face.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to:
Donna L Stoner, chairperson, dstoner62@gmail.com or 315-345-7603 
Heather Caufield, Visual Arts and Exhibits, View hcaufield@viewarts.org or 315-369-6411 x 206

2020 Plein Air (Anywhere) Paint Out Commitee:

Donna L Stoner, Diane Davis, Cheryl Montana Fletcher, Doug Davis, Meg Harris, Betsy Elkins, Bill Elkins, Linda Weal, Maureen Heroux, Susan Robinson, Pat Knapp
Heather Caufield, Connie Williams, Travis Kiefer, View Team 

Step 1:  Register by August 14 - CLOSED

Step 2: Submit Consignment Registration Form now until August 27th (Optional) - Consignment Registration Form

Step 3: Submit Auction Registration Form now until September 5 at 10am (Required) - Auction Registration Form

Other Information:

Old Forge Motel Information

Plein Air (Anywhere) Paint Out Auction - September 5 at 5pm 

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