Loon Lessons Nature Talk with James Paruk

August 2, 2021

Monday August 2nd 

When you are picturing a calm morning by an Adirondack lake, chances are you are also imagining the calming sound of a loon call echoing across the water. Join us and Special guest James Paruk as he dives into his research from his book, Loon Lessons, Uncommon Encounters With the Great Northern Diver.

  Reception with cash bar 6pm, Presentation 7pm.

 Dr. Paruk is a professor of biology at St. Joseph’s College in Maine and has studied Common Loons across North America for the past 28 years. He has published over 25 scientific articles on them and present new information on their behavior and ecology in his book, entitled

 Loon Lessons:  Uncommon Encounters with the Great Northern Diver.

The book may be purchased from University of Minnesota Press,  Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore.   

 In Loon Lessons, James Paruk offers a double treat: introducing readers to the amazing biology, migrations, and mysteries of these iconic waterbirds, while also sharing the challenges and rewards of studying a wary, powerful bird in remote wilderness settings.  Anyone who has thrilled to the yodel of a loon on a moonlit lake will love this book.

—Scott Weidensaul, author of A World on the Wing 


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