The 2022 Summer Interns are excited to announce our very own Exhibition here at View Center for Arts and Culture!

In Capturing Creativity, we will demonstrate who we are as people beyond the work we do at View. In this exhibit you will find the different arts and media we engage in outside of work: oil and acrylic painting, hand-made jewelry, pottery, graphic design media, fiber art, and music. 

The internships at View run for 10 weeks, during which we have worked together on several projects and events, helping one another through whatever may arise. We occupy each of the departments, participating in and preparing for major events and everything that View has to offer this summer. Our daily projects often include designing exhibitions, planning events, editing and designing media, setting up performances or workshops, creating pottery, and, of course, making art of all kinds.  

The interns come from many different places, some familiar to the Adirondacks, while others were excited to explore it for the first time. When we are not at work, we enjoy the breathtaking nature of the Adirondacks: some of us hike the High Peaks, go swimming or biking, create art on the dock in town, and hit up the Strand to view the newest movie.

Capturing Creativity addresses the interests we have in many different fields beyond the internship. We are excited to show a small glimpse into our lives.