“Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation” –James Turrel 

View Arts Center is pleased to present Northern Lights, an exhibition featuring Northeast-based artists working with light as the central aspect of their work. This exhibition explores a wide variety of mediums to depict the wonder and variety of light in art practices. This includes but is not limited to lighting design, glass neon tubing, shadow base work, stained glass, projection and LED. Each of the featured artists approaches light in a completely unique perspective but what connects them all is utilizing industry materials and practices in an ingenuitive perspective. Many of the works featured are mixed media and support different avenues of creating light.


This show includes beautiful light pieces to the viewers throughout the winter in the Adirondacks when it is darker outside.  Bringing warmth, wonder, and color to the cold months, where viewers from all over the east coast come to visit, the gallery. . Showcasing how diverse light can be used as a subject matter or in combination with other subjects to communicate ideas within the artist's practice.  


Northern Lights features work from James Akers, Ali Feeney, Annesta Le, Kacie Lees, Stephanie Lifshutz, Kelsey Lynn Mayo, Lukas Milanak, Trevor Ninos, Esther Ruiz, Ellen Sherry, and Dan Trachtman of Stone & Dove Hardwood Lighting. 


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Virtual Artist Talks: Conversation with co-Curators of Northern Lights