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Raku Fire & Ice Bar a Blazing Success!

Despite the kiln failure of last year, this year's postponement and the rain that plagued us on the day of, we actually had a really great event.  Pots sold out in the first 20 minutes.  Luckily, the kiln fired without a hitch, hence the “blazing” success!  Participants were able to purchase custom made pots, that were created here in our studio, glaze them using 3 beautiful raku specific glazes and then see their pots fired in the kiln.  The real action started when the pots were removed, glowing orange and were placed into cans of saw dust, which immediately caught fire, creating one of a kind pieces of art  When the sun went down, the final firing was the highlight of the evening with the kiln glowing orange and flames shooting out of the top.  Again…Blazing Success!!!